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  1. Anyone post a number besides me? cause I'm number 1, anyways gimme all dem slayer keys. Also gz buddy.
  2. Why you ain't just drink that stam pot in your inv, or log out? Then I noticed the Mongolian Squad niggas.
  3. I feel like you're trolling, even Xex gave u the nod of approval. Stop being so soft, flame that kid fuck the crown if you really about that disrespect life. Most staff members will just flame you back, now if he muted you after he flamed back then we can talk (still not blackmail).
  4. I'm gonna have to overrule this based on the clean clicks i'd give it a solid 9.5, and the pre planned control c+v? That's an italian kiss of pure spreading of hatred.
  5. Nah we all feel this pain, that's just an extra layer of petty as a human being, it highlights low key a mental illness from the hacker. 10/10 I support an npc that could potentially give your lost pets back.
  6. Ignore them. Appeal accepted.
  7. Hefner I'm never letting you pick the song again.
  8. I'm wondering why you took the time to type out my name then leave it blank. Jokes aside good feedback on the rest.
  9. Offer on the arcane, my cc runs the entire scroll game I'll make sure they come holla at you. Now off topic but money heist is that mother fucking show hands down.
  10. Fair point, I think part of the reason for the waiting time is verifying if it's a stolen form of payment, identity fraud, etc. However the waiting time should be bumped up significantly.
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