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  1. pm2getbodied

    Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy <3

    Rule #4: Inappropriate Content(1-3 points 2 month expiry)Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to post inappropriate content on the forums. This includes but is not limited to nudity, explicit violence, drug references, cultural racism, or otherwise upsetting content. This applies to forum profiling content such as signatures and avatars.
  2. pm2getbodied

    Suggestions on how to stop wildy key boxing!!!

    You're close, but reverse it/add both, make it so the wildy key holder has to do a certain amount of damage or they can get pjed. Perhaps add a timer? if they don't deal like for example 150 damage within one minute (Feasible), then the attacker gets teleported home/or jailed, having a punitive punishment in place along with the timer counting down will make people stop boxing. To stop people from alternating the wildy key holder, make it so names are remembered so people don't box, and timer is where it was left off before attacker stopped. Any staff bashing/low level spells/bare fists should not be allowed.
  3. pm2getbodied

    Auto Void repair option

    Not the same logic lol. This is funny though.
  4. pm2getbodied

    remember to hit those f3 keys boyos

    Here's a 5 minute video, to waste your life away that basically sums up that her allure, and mesmerizing choreography comes together so fluidly as a result of the obvious fact she's cute/hot.
  5. pm2getbodied

    Hi there

    Welcome, I mean you clearly have a sense of humor, not to mention respectful of forum rules by posting in the correct section. You were cordial at the end, your name suggests you would deal with rule breakers with military grade precision.
  6. pm2getbodied

    Deepwild brew cap?

    I also disagree with a minimum risk, because it would literally just be switching the "advantage" to a different home court of richer players.
  7. pm2getbodied

    Staff Feedback and Recommendations

    Gretar - D knives great idea, great execution, ancient mace great idea bad execution. Smack - Goat Jblind - Easily coming for that title. Ban152 - gz btw, also ty 4 helping out even if we're opps in wildy respect ting. Khalil - Mod loc? Fruitest - Legit one of the most active ss's and only person who deserves mod more would be rag. Rest - Goda.
  8. pm2getbodied

    Divine Pk

  9. W/e, not gonna hate ,good shit, I would have done the same thing.
  10. pm2getbodied

    Merry Christmas

  11. pm2getbodied

    a lot

    How many times you cap?
  12. pm2getbodied