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  1. That's not gonna stop it, but I see the main issue you have perhaps a yell timer. I can understand the concept of not wanting to limit freedom of speech however, Benjamin Franklin once said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". Adding this option would be cool though no harm done, they would see it as another platform to use of their endeavors, lest substituting.
  2. Xex would be disappointed in this.
  3. This is the only thing I'd change to having the best chance to getting the drop, it works like the lottery system someone with a lower percentage damage rate percentage can still win. Nice guide.
  4. nice, invite me to next session!
  5. Ramadan Kareem Muslim bros!
  6. both of those points are wrong, Macky recently joined doesn't mean I still wouldn't recommend him then you'd claim he's your friend, if he wasn't you'd claim something else. You don't know me at all to put your pessimistic view on me, let's keep it at that.
  7. @Macky for ss extremely active, polite fellow, and I've noticed him helping out when there were no eyes watching numerous times.
  8. Imagine thinking Yewbz played in 2k12 and then claiming to be 2k12 , he was cool, not the greatest, but fair.
  9. Shout out to my slime @Hefner #Mongoliangangshit honestly they're both extremely Icy can't decide which to use.
  10. You're more than welcome to try and compete with your own clans, Mongolians/other multi clan don't always get it/not to mention making it singles barley makes it harder for multi clans to get the key by pjing. You may mention a 1/5/10k risk which is fine that simply means they'd get a half/full inv of brews, and mage you in place. Nor is it even 50 percent of the time that multi clans get the wildy key anymore go check the bot feed. Dividing up the locations for multi/singles seems like the most equitable assessment of skill, the irony here is that even in singles you'd obviously have to work together with your buddies/clan mates to score the key, in multi you might argue it's massing up randoms which itself is a skill of persuasion that promotes wilderness activity which should be praised. Not shunned by excommunicated bitter trolls, not a particular shot at anyone by the way but if you feel some type of way odds are you once rocked this flag.
  11. Nice dedication mate keep it up.
  12. I really feel like @Tesfxye should have claimed 3rd place not only just for that last helping clip lmao, and that's no disrespect to the other two the risk fights were nice. Gz to winners.
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