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  1. Respect 4 the lil peep cover, nice skills.
  2. Eid Mubarak 2 my Muslim bros.
  3. Damn bro, my condolences to you/your family, yeah nothing beats your mental health. I just wish you the best of luck, and keep your head up bro.
  4. Idk man, some of these 2k19 players not saying any namespenino are the equivalent of a box.
  5. I got you covered fam. As in terms of being accepted or not, allow me to give you a tour of how roatpkz suggestions work. They don't, each and every single one is in permanent hiatus, until Gretar decides on a whim 2-5 years down the line to present said update. Your efforts, upvotes, biblical paragraphs, blood, sweat, and tears that went into your thread are non refundable just like our donation store. Now I'm mostly joking, there's no harm in adding this so support.
  6. My hours weren't that great this month, I'll do better this month despite a potential move/work change.
  7. Cool update, good for eco, good for deep wildy activity, good for player base.
  8. Yo B I really thought you were tryna rwt with that title for yours. Also asking the owner of the server to lower prices, when he already gonna get guaranteed pocket is the definition of a failed suggestion.
  9. Speedy recovery buddy, best of luck.
  10. Now the assailant claims he wasn't using ahk, but Karen I have corroborated testimony from reliable sources that tell me his ticks were just 0.5 ticks faster than humanly possible. As the day progresses, and this feisty story heats up we'll keep his silver tongued lies updated for the viewers, back to you Susan.
  11. That's not gonna stop it, but I see the main issue you have perhaps a yell timer. I can understand the concept of not wanting to limit freedom of speech however, Benjamin Franklin once said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety". Adding this option would be cool though no harm done, they would see it as another platform to use of their endeavors, lest substituting.
  12. Xex would be disappointed in this.
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