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  1. Dumb as fuck thread, if he was doing it for personal profit, or legit to someone he's not friends with sure? I guess. They're both named Khalil you ask yourself if it was/was not a joke, and if you're going the sanctity, and moral duty to use his powers responsible line of reasoning, well first you'd need to be staff to have an opinion.
  2. Proud of my boy, good job.
  3. Love it Big G. As a side note Gretar:
  4. We got a strong lovely team, shoutout to Goat stand up guy, good hours even during a busy month for him. Fruitiest for staying to his grind, his humor, the support beam of our support team. Death dream the bro, very wise, has experience. Babderkun/Karishma easy to talk to great hours, Tulrak I applaud you. Last but not least Supremium I have no doubt you'll be the best addition to the mod team in years+ the main man, the prodical son himself. Rag bot/A pixel/gied nothing I can say except thumbs up. Fantastic you already solidified your spot as the community active/smartest admin in forever so chill. Everyone always forgets stijn, not me shoutout to the years+ of email support. Big G keep it up.
  5. In every capitalistic society you'll have the 1 percent, and the 0.001 percent hoarders like fewb, etc just how it is. We're getting more and more players the eco will naturally shift to accommodate with the influx of the steady drops/wealth generated. Though basically what DD said.
  6. BUT MUH FREEDOM OF SPEECH Fuck these racist cunts, +1.
  7. I was damn near about to send this man a hospital bill, had me like All jokes aside thanks low rider for changing it, forgive fruit he's not pear...fect.
  8. List of potential ss: Paramingo - Come on he's got the brains of pk guy, the knowledge of fantastic, idc if he resigned kidnap him. Tesfxye - Why? simple few people wanted it more than him, he's known, although he talks a lot of smack especially to smackd, decent guy. Tuchay - Hhhh look I get it, but don't pretend he wasn't extremely active, helpful, hot headed sure but come on. Absol - Hear me out he's bilingual, we know him we like him, and he promises to stop the extreme clan competitiveness Requiem Af - Dan resigned but before he was top quality staff. Dario - Forum mod? why not
  9. The point was you're wrong in the sense that everyone participates willingly lol, not everyone is born with in depth knowledge of everything the word you're looking for is omniscient, we're humans. Just like how you just asked what the game definition defines as little food, good question that's for gretar to answer himself sadly. No skipping targets in last 15 seconds? I mean I guess it is an easy work around but considering how you didn't know of the above server message you probably pk at edge, meaning clans who gets kills from tbing, meaning pointless discussion for you at least.
  10. I just gotta stop you right there I get tons of questions pertaining to this asking how to do exactly that. See let me stop you right there, are we talking about edge/hills my man? yeah anywhere else I promise you there's a whole server message saying specifically "You can not skip a target while under attack with little food". I was literally responding to this.
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