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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtZmZlMlCzY giveaway! like and sub <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtZmZlMlCzY giveaway! like and sub <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtZmZlMlCzY giveaway! like and sub <3 25K GIVEAWAY! LIKE/COMMENT!
  3. Bitch talking shit for weeks, caught him at chins when im in full spawn, Bitch dont understand to not fuck with bobbi. Talking money, I own you. #YouGotBobbied.
  4. Chats so much shit over yell, maybe now he'll shut the fuck up. You're welcome. #getbobbied.
  5. thanks for the false hope! jokes, nice april fools, respect.
  6. @JBLIND poor staff member?, poor life? oh and no one really gives a fuck g man, keep stacking the shelves in tesco g man x
  7. Silly whale sexy beast actin bad, little bitch get slapped. #YOUGOTBOBBIED.
  8. Sup faggots, #Bestnheringame is bobbi...js. Anyway, A few suggestions i could think of in game are; Duel arena cool down, Where you can opt-out of dueling if you feel like youre getting too addicted?, stops you from loosing bank and wanting to quit?.. Anti-scam in duel?, On the interface where you choose the rules, have maybe, 2 options only? like...Whip/dds - whip, that way no neither party can change anything to attempt to scam? Add tele timers after spec? also longer delays to attack another person while there fighting, so you cant pj? Improve the shops, Add new things, maybe a new currency? Skill tokens? or pvm tokens? Add new bosses?..( get back to you on this bit) Add more skilling options, Even if its making pots?, like add something in to help players earn pkps? Make ingame tournaments for 1st 10k, 2nd 5k, 3 and 4th 2.5k? like every hour or something? Make another minigame...last man standing?...Exactly like you'd see in fortnite but with out the guns and buildin...Like come on who'd not wanna nh in a free for all...last man standing?.. Create a new home! its boring as fuck! Add duel wins into daily... and Flower poker/gambling Reward dedicated players who are on constantly...Loyalty programme? Above 30 kill streak with red skull, if you die you loose everything Probs not alot agree with this but, Add back in chaotics? or at least the maul.. Love the trade post...but WHY the fuck is it just at home?....put one at duel and CW you puddin! Keep a similar concept of the christmas event ingame, it makes a clan feel good to own something and say 'we have 50s'....like a rouge chest? rouges drop keys...not too rare drops but have a decent reward? make the players want to fight there and get the key.... Have loot share available JAIL RAGGERS PLS HOOK B O B B I 10K FOR PK GEAR PLOX Comment what you want? or add your suggestions quick time
  9. Required Format To Be Continued *Did your jack ass read and agree with the terms and conditions?: Yes *Who is your Idol?: Tyson fury *How do you value yourself?: respectful *What is your sanity generation in general opinion?: Shit *Favorite TV story and why?:prison break; Cos its awesome? no explanation needed? *What do you prefer to be called if you like a specific title?: Bob
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