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  1. so i just got unbanned so i can finallyy pick the winners : so @johnycrazy, @tik tik boom, @bwuk jr/ @bwuk im bp log in to get ur rewards!! gz to these 3 winners who will each get pvp box, more giveaways in the future bois
  2. not being able to hit back is for absolute pussies who will bring 16 brews for 1 key, not surprised coming from u two but lmfao
  3. this pk vid 4, like subscribe and comment ur ign in the video to enter the giveaway """ gl boys """
  4. Refunt

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

    unban me so i can make pk vid 5
  5. Wilderness key is great how it is & where it is, people need to stop being clueless and realize this mechanic exists and to not plank to it, just like the bh system on osrs, also idk why we got punished for using game mechanics and IF WHOEVER BANNED US IS WHO I THINK IT IS we didn't get banned for "abusing a bug" but more of a corrupt move to get back at someone else, anyways it should stay how it is. It's not like u cant see the big ass red dot preparing to rush you lmao
  6. Refunt

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

    ty brother i disagree
  7. Refunt

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

  8. Refunt

    Refunt pk video 4 ,

    We are experiencing some technical difficulties
  9. Very nice brodar
  10. Refunt

    Happy birthday to the greatest owner!

    happy birthday kid
  11. not sure why they made a whole video about me so i can only pay respects back by making a whole video about them :s
  12. Refunt

    Garbage cc gets decimated

  13. never paniced its x170 speed i think
  14. redbarred u once and never fought me again, sad :c
  15. pressed commune twice, pressed pull around 10 times how does it feel that ur focuser team mate got 5 hit i wouldnt feel safe going out with the cc again #Nexus quality
  16. I thought there was only for clan members lol
  17. nexus tried to make it look like i died to a half by cutting the video lmao
  18. Refunt

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    nah we dont want plankers like u hiding behind a dfs, dfs needs to be taken simple lmfao use avernic defender
  19. Refunt

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    you can tickeat so easily on this game how do u expect some1 to do 150+hp without a gmaul xd? @Hatcx
  20. Refunt

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    5 years is a long ass time tbh
  21. Refunt

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    never seen a brid use dfs or ely or even divine but pvp armours are pretty op so i guess sure, gmaul is tradition tho
  22. Refunt


    finally found ur youtube channel lol , @Smackd ur so obsessed on me u keep commenting about me on 2 accounts im starting to think that i bullied u on ur alt thats why ur so mad at me SLAVE, anyways @tesfxye lmfao cant kill DON PAPA REFUNT also, I redbarred u more times than u did i just dont save redbars lmao , decent video overall keep it up
  23. Refunt

    Giveaway winners

    gz pplz, pm me ingame to those who won and were offline, anyways imma be doing more giveaways in the future for sure so stay in chune
  24. weakside dies to double vls cos the idiot takes pray off people wanted the clip so i just uploaded it here, i died after this to not cool bro but the score is still 2-1 so im good
  25. Refunt

    Illey Exposed?!?

    isaiah stop avoiding me