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  1. Its true though i havent pked with dj in like a year but any team that have ever put up 07 against him have lost
  2. Do it, every single clan that has ever put up the 07 against dj has lost
  3. Talk a lot of smack for an inbred paki who can't last longer than 6 hours because there parents come home and beat them daily, living off welfare like the poor child you are, ill buy you the rope and chair if you cant afford it lad hit me up
  4. I cant even be bothered logging in for that bum bum nigga kid prob wont even do 10 hours
  5. @gore6800 ill come clear you if you will actually even ns 10 hours plus if not then shut up pussy
  6. Give me a location then you degenerate mongrol
  7. Where do i meet you for this perm rag? Ill put you in a fucking coma
  8. Stfu you random, imagine being cocky over a missing letter. Behave newgen
  9. Nothing new bro, cant compete so try get people banned wonder how long theyd last before they blacklist me hmmmm
  10. Imagine thinking there better when rl have run every server they have ever been on ( hey brahh been a while ;))
  11. Oh the irony of you saying someone does not last.
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