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  1. let me buy some of that consistent 80 ags rng fam wtfff
  2. Entered with this one =] (incase the email didn't get through or something)
  3. In-game Name: metal raimonYoutube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY8TYj5KyYtRVxJAb9sZKnQ/videos?view_as=subscriberWhy should we pick you ?: I've been really enjoying roat-pkz so far, even though it's been a few days. I plan to make more videos on here aswell. Making me a youtuber rank would not only look more professional in my videos (since I have youtuber rank on almost every server I recored on), but I'd also get a little more motivation knowing I get 5k blood money per video from now on. This would only make the quality and effort I put into them that much higher. Although I have a pretty esthablished youtube page with a nearing 100k views the "view per video" really depends on the type of content. But I am confident my pk videos will do well Thanks for taking the time to read this, Metal Raimon
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