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    Should we have an Eco Reset? due to Roat pkz having legit no eco no more I think we should.
  2. I am putting together a bridding tournament for sometime sunday or monday. Rules: No donator weapons, capes or shields. No vesta of any time (weapons and armour) no zuriel's No Morg No statius No dfs no g maul No overhead prayers No dh ags tents etc Any more ideas pm me on forums + ing People who are in the cc and have payed atleast 100pkp to enter will be given the location + time of the event Currently there are no prizes unless someone is willing to donate somthing, the winner will get half of the prize and 2nd and 3rd palce will recive 25% of 50 eacH Thanks!
  3. Developer(s) N/A Global Admin(s) Yoobs Twat but I love you Administrator(s) Legend Where you at? Site Manager(s) N/A Global Moderator(s) Ungrateful #1 mod #bae Forum Moderator(s) N/A Player Moderator(s) Zoradz Uhm been doing good but who are you? Server Support Bride Chucky Nigga you never on and when you are u never help lel Graphics Doing good pal keep up the work
  4. my 4th video on roat enjoy
  5. Well done you can read!
  6. haha ight man ill be recording soon so be at brid
  7. 3rd video of today!!!! check it out! hope you enjoy!
  8. Dunno if you are kidding or not but cheers for the support
  9. New video is up guys -
  10. Cheers mike rami and sandal
  11. Considering I rarely brid i'm ok for what i do, i have my own Technic also but cheers god
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