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    #VETERANS CLAN Mostly oldschool friends/players/nhers. gotta atleast be a fairly good pker, if you aren't sure ask to 1v1 me & I'll test you :) Owned by: I d0wn u Permission to join ask - I d0wn u, ism0kepurp, 3at all, smoothie Owner - I d0wn u General - Ism0kepurp, 3at it all, smoothie Captains - persona, hasham v2, heat, VICEROY Members- FORECASTING, twumble, heat, VICEROY, instajoshi, knwn, 3at it all, smoothie, I d0wn u, ism0kepurp Forums message me if you're in CC/clan and I'll update if confirmed. TO BE CONTINUED...

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