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  1. sandal for mod, paramingo for admin. Daul for mac ban
  2. nh stake me pussy @J[ag] [E] S[vensk] #sprartans stay winning clown
  3. Nice brother its time to expose these frauds, like nh tank. Just because he has 1k ks does not mean he is good or better than you. Just because he killed ragbot and daul does not make him good. You are obviously sooooooooo goood!!!! #arabwins
  4. very bad suggestions, go back to read school. You writer bad and reader worst
  5. soon for my arab brothers I make exposè of all dauls wrong doings . for my arab brothers @paramingo& @Sandal also sit nh stank; pker worst
  6. you guys faked a kill picture lmfao, come on man. Daul dies all the time could have just waited.
  7. great vid love the kills on daul hes a shitter!
  8. I never thought I would agree with you. This is definitely the biggest thing that should be addressed.
  9. Love the Idea! I think your pretty spot on with most items. In my oppinion, all untradable should cost pkp on death. Dragon Arrows / Price you Suggest: 1pkp/ea Amethyst Arrows / Price you Suggest: free Amethyst Javelins / Price you Suggest: free Saradomin Brews / Price you Suggest: 5pkp/ea Sanfew Serums / Price you Suggest: 2pkp/ea Super anti-fire potions / Price you Suggest: 5pkp/ea Barrows Gloves / Price you Suggest: 25pkp/ea Berserker Necklace / Price you Suggest: 25pkp/ea Regen Bracelet / Price you Suggest: 25pkp/ea Wizard Boots / Price you Suggest: 50 pkp/ea but you should do one for infinity boots as well Abyssal Whip / Price you Suggest: 100/pkp ea
  10. don't pretend to be neutral you pk with them on your alt lol
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