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  1. Schrute Farm

    Roat Pkz Recap (2018)

    you forgot that king schrute entered the scene and dominated all until he realised the amount ofwastemen were running around on this game
  2. Schrute Farm

    test 1 2 3

    you're a part of the program too
  3. Schrute Farm

    test 1 2 3

    r n g https://gyazo.com/65078d4fc0345bcc3d0361922dc87ceb
  4. Schrute Farm

    #BP Now Recruiting

    Username: schrute farm How long have you been playing: since 2006 Do you have any experience in Singles? (Specify if so): yes both on the main game and a few rsps's, basically all I like to see is singles action and I enjoy organised hits or run ins with specific gear setups. Same thing goes for RuneScape but I'm more of an overall player there (unless there's a mandetory trip) Teams you've been in before: on this game? none except for a discord I'm in with a couple of dudes, I've pked with FF on OSScape (no idea if you know that clan), been in BBB (OSscape, closed->moved to OSRS->died out), Wolves and that's about it. I can be put in any role, have no issue with listening to higher ranks and can stand ground in 1v1's against any average player killer. Can you join Skype/Discord calls: discord only.
  5. Schrute Farm

    Fruitiest Merchant #1

  6. Schrute Farm


    blurry but still spotted those piss yellow teeth brother
  7. Schrute Farm


  8. Schrute Farm

    Why I've been a cunt recently

    Nice edits although the opening text was pretty awkward. Great skill(s) Jordan, hope to see you on 07 soon..
  9. Schrute Farm

    The end of NSNSNSNSNNSS

  10. Schrute Farm

    so i get banned but..

    why is everyone on this game such a huge fucking goof lmao
  11. ... THAT I AM DOING THIS ?????? I was at jad and just 1 banging kids left and right with claws, cuz spec resets on kills as we all know. fix game ty men
  12. Schrute Farm

    132 damage in 1 tick

    reason it's called funpk
  13. Schrute Farm


  14. Schrute Farm

    Fruity Friends is returning soon...

    big arms