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  1. Ah yeah I don't really clan pk. Thats makes a lot more sense
  2. I might not be thinking of something but what about it makes it op?
  3. -Make some wildy agility obstacles work. now that theres more deep wildy content and agility, having spots like, for example, the south side of lava dragons where that agility obstacle is work would make grinding out agility worth it. -A new legendary donor command ::task that takes you to your task with unlimited uses. -The ability to shout your play time like you can with pkp or bhp. -In the wildy, the genie random only does the item pick event, and not the captcha. Having to open up a site in wildy can get you dead real easy.
  4. Some days, this is how I imagine half of the players on here
  5. Msb spec antirushes i've gotten in the last week or 2. More to come soon until people realize i'm a god of the bow and stop rushing me :[
  6. Great idea to start a CC for this, but at the same time it's kind of sad that we actually have to have a CC to find fights.
  7. Nice vid! But I'm still waiting on that clip of me sniping you for a tort @ ::cw
  8. I was the one he tested the Zgs spec on, what happened was I had just clicked somewhere to run as he specced me, and instead of just freezing where I was , I just kept running to the spot I had originally clicked. Then I was frozen at that spot.
  9. Happy birthday, ya filthy animal.
  10. I'm good with most of these, save for hand cannon and the javs and throwing axes. I'd love to see korasi in-game, but that's a VERY polarizing topic there itself.
  11. I'm pretty sure the thought behind this is, since minigame points are hard to come by since they're only in tournaments, it keeps the shop items there pretty high priced and rare. It gives people something to save for long term instead of just buying the points from the players who only have 5-10 points and keep the market from flooding with these items.
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