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  1. To enter the Elysian spirit shield giveaway please Like , subscribe and comment your in-game name on the video on my youtube channel.
  2. New vid + D CLAWS GIVEAWAY ! To get a chance at winning the pair of Dragon claws please like , sub , comment your in-game name on my Youtube channel. Thanks for watching
  3. Ty brother as i said first vid , never edited etc just set this all up in like 20 - 30 minutes. thanks for watching
  4. First time i recorded and edited . looking forward to make more vids and i'll get rid of that watermark. enjoy hate = welcome Share like subscribe with ur facebook friends tyvm
  5. im sorry what? my names not harry? wdf? who are you anyways ''zeplin99'' ROFL Shut the fuck up downsyndrome nigger rat
  6. Risk is loc if you want to donate more
  7. A death is a death , thats how shit u are gf case closed.
  8. FAKE KILL PICS? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL EXPLAIN ME HOW IS IT FAKE, i died for 2k more because you didnt want to risk more bc you knew you'd plakn retard fuck pipe down you dont want to rm me come ::risk rn
  9. So ... yesterday i hit a 69-0 ags - maul on tyhma's 5hp and he killed me, he talked alot of shit in yell and wouldn't rm now we rematched at ::risk and he got slapped within 20 seconds , avoided to risk more bc he knew he would plank. IDIOT BTW.. go back to watching anime you cant pk brother #GSLTNNEXUS ALSO HE DIED TO MY M8 OP SHACKO like 10 minutes earlier LMFAO SHACKO PIC :
  10. Haha my G too ez #NEXUS BTW
  11. - Most humorous - Killbob - Most Arab/foreign - Bank00 / Gl bro wins - Shortest temper - jblind Most helpful - Definitiley @Fruitiest - Best YouTuber - @Tesfxye duh - Best Hybrid - @Tesfxye - Best Tribrid - @Tesfxye @nh tank - Best Pure Nher - qpl - Best Dher - - Most Retarded - Persona - Fastest Switcher - @Tesfxye - Most underatted Pker - @jukemeluke @OP SHACKO - Most Chilled player - @OP SHACKO - Nicest player - @OP SHACKO - Biggest Duel Rat - @snorlaxxx @jukemeluke @bank00 - PVM'er - @OP SHACKO - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - @Persona - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - @Persona - Biggest Whale - @Persona - Bank-stander/switcher - @Persona - Most Improved - @Tesfxye - Nerd - @Persona
  12. Imagine spending your free time making this video,, please swing a rope and remove that acne off ur face xx
  13. Nice acne irl , atleast i can kill ppl for loot , you've been playing 7 years and ur still poor as fuck and how do i spec on tabs if im out of food there literally have 3 or 4 brew sips on the pic left talking shit but avoids me btw
  14. http://prntscr.com/lr4va5 http://prntscr.com/lr4w66 Just imagine dying to a 33 and still talk shit roflcopter sitbtw
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