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  1. agree the genies are retarded. 1. spawns way to often and is annoying when skilling afk like woodcutting, 2. hard to tell which item is behind the pixels sometimes especially when its some type of sword/longsword/dagger which look almost the same behind it. got banned from skilling for 3h because i picked the wrong sword twice lol. at least make the items different like addy/mith/rune or smth so retards like me dont fall for it
  2. @BorisSmekens good vid, 1 suggestion: you can do the full kill without moving 1 step in 99% of the cases. Just stand on the tile you're standing here (screenshot) and you're fine. can be very afk like this
  3. I see Mrs King and PK Guy helping others alot Not much interaction with the others
  4. nice, how many hours did you spend on 99 agility? Grats on the pet aswell
  5. Great Idea, would definitely be a cool thing to do! i think for the bosses there should be a few locations though, not only one. if theres only one that will just be camped. Think the easter eggs in the easter event caused good wildy activity in different locations. prolly less spots for bosses but just a few where teams, if they want to, can check instead of just camping one spot
  6. Good ideas, i agree with what macky posted
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