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  1. You were piping up in yell chat prior to this, so I took it to PMs and called you out to 44s for the smoke & you avoided. smh
  2. very nice guide but you mis-typed the command for emptying your bank, change it to ::removealljunkfrombank*
  3. Can we get a Timer for spec tabbing? So, if you're pking in edgeville / riskzone, after using special attack, you'd have to wait a certain amount of time before you can teleport out... at least like 10 - 15 seconds maybe? I've gotten a lot of compIaints about players spec tabbing mid-fights and I think this would be an ideal way to prevent players from doing it, and this will help decrease the amount of rushing in edgeville/ riskzone... because What are rushers known for? Spec tabbing. If a timer is implemented, rushers would have no choice but to manually run away or stay in the fight for 10 - 15 seconds, which makes it a little harder for them to get away. Thoughts?
  4. First of all... go to ::easter and right-click the Egg to check the location every 20 minutes, and use this guide to easily navigate your way through Level 2 Wilderness - ::varrock, run North Level 3 Wilderness - ::varrock, run North Level 4 Wilderness - ::hills, run West Level 10 Wilderness - ::wests Level 25 Wilderness - ::easts, run North Level 27 Wilderness - use Teleport-Wizard & go to Forgotten Cemetary Level 28 Wilderness - Use obelisk at ::44s to the Level 27 portal Level 33 Wilderness - ::easts, run North Level 35 Wilderness - ::chins, run West Level 40 Wilderness (KBD Entrance) - ::44s, run South-East Level 40 Wilderness (Revs Entrance) - ::chins, run North Level 42 Wilderness - ::44s, run South Level 44 Wilderness - ::44s Level 47 Wilderness - use Annakarl teleport & run West (ancient spellbook) Level 51 Wilderness - ::50s, run North Level 52 Wilderness - ::50s, run North Level 53 Wilderness - ::50s, run north Level 55 Wilderness (Mage Arena) - Use lever at ::mb, slash the webs & run East Level 55 Wilderness (Agility Arena) - Use lever at ::mb, slash the webs & run West If there's any location I'm missing, pls let me know Credits: @Tulrak @Tuchay @goat
  5. this man has done a fine job for the past 12 months & he's 1 of the realest... and I think he deserves a promotion
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