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  1. f3 btw... must have dust bunnies on them. Thanks btw #mongolians
  2. he definitely wasnt afk or i'd have more food than i did l0l that's their excuse to dying in a fair fight i guess. Thanks though
  3. 2 Mongolians members have said he's in mongolians though.... hmmmmm. Maybe cc hopper?
  4. Got word of someone risking at venenatis so i show up and find out its mongolians member by himself... so figured id take him and well... ty for free 80k.
  5. didnt i make u panic tab 3 times so far today? stupid ballista prod. ill 1v1 any of your clan in singles. Funpk is where we usually end up bc u guys like to PJ when ur low l0l Also @NSNSNSNSNNS 3-0 btw
  6. @NSNSNSNSNNS since apparently my killpic of u isnt real.... https://gyazo.com/94733cdd6bf69533975daee11f151ac1
  7. well, just shows i can kill mongolians 1v1 in singles. They're only good in multi. Lmao. They tele in singles all day long
  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mongolians if you're gonna 1v1 dont PJ me every time i redbar your members. Lmao. ezclap.
  9. how many times have i cleared u as well? 1v1 anywhere
  10. was out so i started to run and then he tries to tell me he slapped me up then dies to d bolt l0l. c u idiot
  11. watched the entire video waiting for pking footage.... can say im not disappointed LMAOOO
  12. hawain kush


    damn we didnt get lucky... maybe some day
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