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  1. - Loot from 600 Bronze Keys - Untradables also 7 Firecapes - Loot from 180 Silver Keys - Loot from 55 Gold Keys - Keys are the Key to my Heart I love keys, The Keys all totalled at 100k pkps in the Price checker. Platinum keys didn't pay off too well they we're only 27k pkps for 14 would of made more selling them in the shop. Pointless Topic to some people but I thought id share my Loot with The People Who are also doing the same Collection of keys, So they have some sort of idea on what Loots to expect Happy amount of Profit Made.
  2. wow potion drinking doesn't override the attack, aww now I disagree so if your getting ragged you might aswell just xlog? l0l
  3. Suckie

    Potential items to add In-game.

    Thinking out of the Box I like it. spice things up a bit, with a new boss of some sort.
  4. Suckie

    A team is a rag doll l0l

    i heard you slap your girlfriend up? just sayin "slap 4 a slap"
  5. Suckie

    duel penino dead

    +1 yolo
  6. Suckie

    duel penino dead

    he pks multi and doesn't know the multi lines l000l hes obviously some newkid whos hyped up on his first rsps's hes just some trash talking little child ngl
  7. Suckie

    #RoadRage recruiting

    Seems cool pm "RoadRage" ingame and stay Active in the ingame Friends chat and Discord Let me know when you get Discord.
  8. Suckie

    #RoadRage recruiting

    yeahh man looks Legit
  9. Suckie

    duel penino dead

    lol multi line
  10. Suckie

    Fun Multi CC

    goodluck I love itams !
  11. Suckie

    Pyd is cleaned

    I want pet crab!