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  1. people run with spawnable's and a negative KDR
  2. its the only way people will feel motiviated to get a 99 if theres a double xp bonus and agility is worth getting for rev caves which will make people go for it if there was some sort of double xp
  3. Should do Double xp Weekends and X3 or X4 in the wilderness
  4. I only kick bsers and spammers so get your facts Right Before you accuse me of stuff on my topic Rat, Come at me with names of people who kicked you before telling a story you cannot finish.
  5. LMFAO Wr Fgh Rather you Don't Talk to Me Your skin is dirty as fuck and your covered in stretch marks you dog
  6. If it's Possible to Make the ingame ignore list a Clan Chat Mac Banlist, It Will Decrease the Toxicity Throughout the Server And Possibility Open a Few Other Clan Chats This Will Bring the Loyal Members Out Because if you Fuckup once? that's it straight on the ignore list and Clan Chat's get spammed a lot by unwanted players Which Makes it Hard for New Clans to Evolve.
  7. I once joined the mafia but then I woke up and logged on roatz, Can I Join?
  8. #RoadRage CC Feel Free To Hang Rich or Poor we Will Take you in Like a New Born.
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