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  1. 5 FIVE!! PET MYSYERY! BOX! what is going on here????? them shits are 60 dollars each!!??
  2. welcome back man if you need a community ingame to chill with come see us in "RoadRage" clan chat! hope to see you around!
  3. Read the Topic carefully* wasn't anything about me or towards me if anything I enjoy the flame because im in most of the flame that is in ::yell but my Point was... people report shit for a reason and you... Server supporters, have a Job to do?? am I right? and if people flame pakis,arabs,niggers which is what Roatzpk is full of and you need to think... hold up maybe those people are actually offended? you wouldn't like it being the reason they find another server, and neither would your Boss Toxic minds lead to Toxic people
  4. Noticed a lot of people get declined for posting a mute report for someone being racist! racism is very very important nowadays and theirs a lot of hate going around in the world and ingame! but if someone is constantly saying the words "Paki, Nigger, Arab, WhiteBOI69" and no actions are being taken or... peoples reports keep getting declined then how are you meant to make people stop! well the only way to solve this is with a minor mute for maybe 24hours - 2Days! whatever it takes! and if they are handed out more regular people will calm down in yell/ingame because it does get prettyyy over the top sometimes but then again it completely depends on what kind of server you want, and what kind of people you want to stick around.
  5. Suckie


    Rubber dingy Rapids bro. damn it happens all over the world the UK gets hit pretty often by Muslim people maybe someone trying to start a war with isis
  6. ya fackin cunt ya! a was in ma undies
  7. Both victims irl pipe on a game but if it was face to face they would phone there dad
  8. Then people will be Running around with Dscim's rune/dragon gloves and no brews people will not fork out the pkps if it means risking people who use ballistas/dbows will stop pking as much which means less players online its a spawn server and I think it should be left the way it is
  9. v nice v hawt respect
  10. So been Thinking whats The chances of getting Clan wars Tournaments setup? We already have 1v1 tournaments? why not go further! go beyond! But not making it clan chat related! But Making it so anyone, anybody, anything can join but the teams are mixed so it doesn't matter which clan chat your in. This update will get more people involved in player vs player combat and multi player action this wouldn't just be another way of making PKPs it will also be a very fun way to enjoy the game, 2 Sides 2 mixed teams fight to the death! in either (pure NH) and (main F2p gear) 2 different styles most people will not be used to but if it means not losing items or dying in the wilderness but at a clan wars tournament it would mean alot of people could practice these types of pking. The reason I mentioned "f2p" pking is... because its a very very common way of pking but not everyone has experienced it they might like it they might even LOVE it! At this day and age on the "real thing" there is way more f2p pkers then p2p because f2p meaning free to play means they don't have to pay for the game so they do there thing. Also the reason I mentioned "pure NH" is simply because theirs a such thing called "pure clanning" and its been around so sooo long and it has a hugeeee number of players on the clans go from 50-150 people and I haven't only witnessed them on the "real thing" but ive also witnessed them on other servers and if people realised damn they got a pure nh tournament or a f2p tournament they might think I fucking love this game already! because clan wars has been around for sooooo long and its been a hugeeee part of the game runescape!
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