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  1. I do not associate with nigurs so didnt know about his playlist
  2. Comment,like,sub for attending to 150k giveaway picking winner shortly!
  3. --> https://gyazo.com/b3d17138bb6eddd91059d221726c189b <----- that literally say senough about your clan.. turn south instantly even tho we had pretty much matched opts + u had bolt raggers too .. stop talkin your clan is not good, u got 1 multi kill which doesnt count hmu if u wanna set sri.. ill brid / nh nigga even pure f2p your clan u aint shit
  4. ez for migis squad, sit down niggers, 1-0 ez pm 2 spy Discord : 2019 hitler#9036
  5. https://gyazo.com/255f6bbe00812552000fef44d7959221 now in 4k!
  6. l0l stfu ragger u called me out after losing at 44s now all of sudden u dont care haah
  7. ok I only take good feedback so edit ur comment I mean you got chanced,panic tab and then went to avoid mode? hmu when rdy to 1v1 so i get the kills lmao
  8. Ignore 1st song l0l, posted on 2nd youtube account since hes not worthy on 1st channel Rendered in 4k 2160p
  9. Idk who u are so why u pipin up randy ill destroy your random ass anywhere anywhen
  10. :D:D:D:Dd Cheers everoyne for the feedback
  11. I dont associate with nigurs, please leafe my comment section
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