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  1. Check my k/d pretty sure it’s a 14.5 with a 58 current kill streak but ya you know keep killing them monsters slay god
  2. Says the pussy that won’t post a irl cause he’s fat and ugly as fuck four eyes hides behind a screen looking ass bet your mom and yo sister love it tho
  3. Keep up the good work number 1 pvmer on a pk server
  4. Usually don’t drink smoothies but aye a dudes gotta eat P.S thx was ez
  5. Thanks “iStreaking” was ez
  6. I was thinking since a lot of people didn’t get chance to be first 10 slayers in game to get 99 slayer for the gold cape maybe make a prize at first 10 to get 200m slayer xp gets a chance at it or first one gets a gold slayer cape and gold Slayer helm that’s non tradeable? Would make a lot more people grind slayer and means a lot more activity in the wild. Just a thought 200m slay xp won’t be easy and I think first couple to get it should deserve a little something special? Thanks - lN lE lR lD
  7. damn look at that sexy beast o.o is that supposed be a roast? I don't see ur irl pitures must be ugly hate to see it ]=
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