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  1. How is this such a bad idea lol? Would just mean donators who get cleaned wouldn't rage quit for absolutely no fkn reason
  2. Brid me next? https://gyazo.com/1e7add299e3640e09aae66c2d8a37cdb - Rag Bot's Manager
  3. I believe i already suggested the staff like 4-5 months ago and he was thinking of adding it but didnt know what price. I told him maybe 1k or something
  4. This entire post including your signature is beyond fucked.
  5. https://gyazo.com/0d7eae19101ccd141a51400f62b04a5f
  6. What the fuck is literally wrong with you, If you want 07 go play fucking 07, 60% fucking gmaul spec piss off you nanless genderless sack of shit.
  7. You definitely fucked up bruvvy
  8. Did you actually put a fake clip of clappers g account in here? LMFAO
  9. Flame smackd again you nanless nigger and see where it gets you hint; It'll end with your life on the forums
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