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  1. https://gyazo.com/0d7eae19101ccd141a51400f62b04a5f
  2. What the fuck is literally wrong with you, If you want 07 go play fucking 07, 60% fucking gmaul spec piss off you nanless genderless sack of shit.
  3. You definitely fucked up bruvvy
  4. Did you actually put a fake clip of clappers g account in here? LMFAO
  5. Flame smackd again you nanless nigger and see where it gets you hint; It'll end with your life on the forums
  6. That is fucking sick rahal. But it's been almost 2 weeks and bailey seems to be still bike testing in venezuela :l Mad respectable Let's all remember, Daul penino made this topic instead of 99b because 99b is dogshit and petrified and actually nh's instead of trying to nh stake on a broken backwards game
  7. Anyone want to nh risk ancestral + arcane @Daul Penino @Bailey Jay ?
  8. Yh videos bad so what just clapped some shit together for fun
  9. me because you hide = ) Fight me stupid fuck. Multi doesnt count towards single teams and single deaths. If you're in multi it doesnt matter as long as you had fun
  10. Holy fucking cheesicles, How dumb can one person be? Jblind aka Jordan (not jorden, JORDAN WITH A FUCKING A INSTEAD OF E) isn't jorden (that's with a fucking e u clueless basket case) Because Jblind is shy and awkward and definitely not, Unless jblind is solo dawn from dawntained then we looking at a whole new conspiracy here yo! haha just kidding ur parents are dead as fuck and you're static, Also never make another forums post again.
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