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  1. This is one to make up for the shitty quality in my previous episode! Enjoy!
  2. Lool i've never lost a 400k fight what're you talking about
  3. Please forgive my mediocre editing skills, a lot of my clips were corrupt and everything just went wrong so I was left with these. ::refer Omega322 Enjoy!
  4. Shout outs to my Mongolians! And a special shout out to M3TazR4Ng3ER for the maddest trash talk, 5-1 my broski
  5. My name on the Roat Disc is: Omega - SNAKESQUAD
  6. Tried to add you but it didn't go through, are you on the Roat Discord? Message me ingame?
  7. I'm assuming that buying a sig for in-game money is allowed and wouldn't be considered a form of RWT so please! GFXers step forth, pked 3m in 2 days and it's time to invest in a sig! I want the best of the best, i'll message you what I want, just show me a portfolio of your previous work Omega
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