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  1. Jheeezusssssss, i do not condone that behaviour @YoobsDaBaller
  2. Ah yes, my lifes never been the same since Zion from roatpkz clrd me. @YoobsDaBaller good fight lad! lol!
  3. The Meridianzssssss. good old days.
  4. I bet JBLIND is absolutely crumbling you nutter, watch out @JBLIND
  5. Any server wanting to do DMM properly would need latest client data and deob/runelite compatible client. Nice idea but, a long shot. Could always be done without but would have to be “custom/have its own twist” biggest issue would be escape mechanics and world objects.
  6. Not many play, myself included. Just lurk from time to time
  7. Ironic name when none of you have one.
  8. Surprised you're replying on your account and not Nicks.
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