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  1. 1: I dont bolt 2: Random 3: Why make brews cost money when it's a PK server? Making brews cost shit will just make people leave. 4: Who are you? 5: Pretty sure you own a divine yourself & use it to pk soooooooooooooooooo
  2. Divine needs full wipe and removal. Idk why the fuck it hasn't happened yet. Ely needs wipe & reintroduction. PG will close so fast LOL. Herblore horrible idea, too many people would leave. Brew cap is a good idea tho
  3. nope? I couldn't give a fuck about being staff nd i dont care enough about the server to do so. I'm stating my opinion, as they asked us to? Back to edge you dumb rat
  4. Not demote and promote everyone, but certain SS getting staff when they dont help anyone, shows they wanted to put on an act to get it. Staff should be natural helpers, not fucking actors. The so called admins and higher ups need to actually pay attention more in help cc yell etc instead of hosting an event and ::afk or doing LMS (jblind). Goes for all of the staff team tbh. I don't ever see the 'pm me for help' from the staff who said the same words BEFORE the rank.
  5. Gretar -> Takes too long to reply to dms. Still needs to remove divine too. Poll was completed last month, and i'm still hearing 'soon'. Don't lie to your players. Smackd -> Don't see him on enough, dunno about forums Legend -> Try playing RoatPKZ Fantastic -> Comes on, does an event then types ::afk ? JBLIND -> Toxic, but that's what every player likes. Only staff who ppl can actually talk to without being ignored cos of 'all the work staff have to do!!!!!!' Rag Bot V1 -> Haven't actually seen him type ::yell Gied4Life -> Demote this retard. Kid helps nobody. Pixel -> same as gied, helps nobody at all. Supremium -> Lots of playtime, spends NONE of it helping. He doesn't help, he just uses the rank as a privlage. PM2GETBODIED -> Too inactive to comment Fruitiest -> 18 hours? Fuck. Off. Tulrak -> Same as supremium, active, but all he does is flame and pk with his clan, favouring them in punishments. Doesn't help anyone, as once again, using the rank as a brag/privlage. Goat -> Doesn't help people, too much afk activity. Why be staff if your only online hours are afk? Karishma -> Dont see him help Death Dream -> Dont see him help
  6. It happens on osrs too? Games mechanics. If you have an issue w it, take it up with Jagex.
  7. My god you're pathetic. It's a bit of fucking flame you dumb nigger. There is an ignore list for a reason dumb cunt. Use it.
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