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  1. Referral in description of the video doing a 80k give away in 7days to win you got to like sub comment good luck
  2. you do realize teams share accs and that kill was like 2months old but its W.E wasnt me logged on good one do
  3. to win 200k give away like comment and sub
  4. https://gyazo.com/2937be0d6a6e80576cbceeca3ef0db29 winner ^ congrats bro
  5. Like comment and sub and in game name to win 100k and new ref enjoy guys ! Uganda new vid coming in 2-3days
  6. what is 'Daul Penino' doing in there? https://gyazo.com/eff0355cb30bb438f6338fb5924a9723 https://gyazo.com/ebcdaec6382e961b678f19f834e94037
  7. https://image.prntscr.com/image/PbniGpfNQReHZbymOa2ebw.png https://gyazo.com/869f2e692f7a9f585c7daec673735c77 calm down m8 stop faking kills maybe its cringe af https://image.prntscr.com/image/NMXl_Oe1QNKRtE1xaX07AQ.png explain this l0l0l0?
  8. To win the 50k give away you got to like comment and sub to my yt channel ^ winner will be announced on 26/04/2019 Clappers public discord https://discord.gg/aTCD2b2
  9. 50k give away on friday to win like comment and sub
  10. @zeplin99 your the one that commented on my shit saying random shit that u dont even know
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