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  1. Thanks for this opportunity I will take this role very seriously and I will still be helping new and old players with anything and everything! looking forwards to seeing everyone in-game! Pur3s S0n
  2. hehe when i try and risk it all i get is a 0 for the biscuit
  3. why block people tho? thats like not having a fight at all they for a bit then next time they pk normal there not gonna be able to hit ya at all in future unless you unblock them...
  4. Pj timer and looting timer so people cant rush its pretty low for pjing in singles at edge.
  5. I had a few ideas in thought.. 1. Bank clear all 0 items 2.Potion to make them all 4s 3.Item destroyer if you need to destroy anything 4.Maybe bank pins or Bankers to talk to and do all this stuff. if you guys have any ideas drop a comment below
  6. Melee max hit 78 Range max hit 54 Magic max hit 36 Veng max hit 55
  7. man if i had the money id so buy it!
  8. Thats some op giveaway to the winners gl to all
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