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  1. Lmao, why include a threat of 'unnamed' players leaving. I haven't experienced any of these issues, and you should probably be more specific about the 'random' bug areas.
  2. bletzar


    doesnt even let me donate tbh
  3. how many time can you say imp in one post but nice kill lmao
  4. omg I made the video in my tanny outfit!
  5. Spoke to both of you, Shop still open for business looking for any inquiries
  6. Shit, someone is mad lmao
  7. I usually watermark my work, but for this one I didn't as I didn't take this person to be a snake. I was clearly wrong, but that was my mistake, just figured I would make a comment because clearly they are out looking for more graphics they dont want to pay for.
  8. I agree, I think there should be like a menu that you can see open clans that you can join, like help ect.
  9. It would be hype for a week or two and then no one would do it anymore lol, no reason to add more dead content.
  10. U just had to show everyone ur 54m -.-
  11. I am sorry this is a staff feedback, which is for opinions? Not staff members arguing. Also maybe read what I wrote a little better.
  12. If people are in a clan that doesn't split and they are getting the most kills the people should leave the clan. There is already rewards for players on leader-boards.
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