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  1. Shit, someone is mad lmao
  2. I usually watermark my work, but for this one I didn't as I didn't take this person to be a snake. I was clearly wrong, but that was my mistake, just figured I would make a comment because clearly they are out looking for more graphics they dont want to pay for.
  3. I agree, I think there should be like a menu that you can see open clans that you can join, like help ect.
  4. It would be hype for a week or two and then no one would do it anymore lol, no reason to add more dead content.
  5. U just had to show everyone ur 54m -.-
  6. I am sorry this is a staff feedback, which is for opinions? Not staff members arguing. Also maybe read what I wrote a little better.
  7. If people are in a clan that doesn't split and they are getting the most kills the people should leave the clan. There is already rewards for players on leader-boards.
  8. LOL says someone who ghosted me after i made them something?
  9. Thanks, Shop still open!!
  10. I can create this for you, do you have a price in mind?
  11. Why are you typing to use in the video? AND A COMPLETELY SILENT VIDEO?!?!?! LMFAOOOOOO This is fucking terrible thumbs down, you should really try on videos...
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