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  1. Nuhhh man i doubt it it gives teams a better way too practice for clan cups there will always be some competition in there
  2. Wtf whats the command for it lol
  3. Would you guys like to see clan wars added into the server? - A fully functional clan wars would be good to have too practice for clan cups or even host a clan cup with clan wars. -Add clan war rewards too the daily/weekly -clan war tournaments for pkp for teams since tournaments are usually solo
  4. Then dont edge pk lmfao
  5. very rare atleast the higher tier ones but you shouldnt be able to farm the shit out of them.
  6. tradeing in these emblems give pkp in return so your left with pkp in your inventory. you can turn in these emblems noted and bring in as many as you want to maximize profit but that puts you at a very high risk! positive effects 1. more activity 2. you can make pkp 3. a method for new players negative effects there is none everyone is happy.
  7. Yeah im not saying adding it right away lol just an idea
  8. I play both. And for you to come at me like that you must have no friends or thats just how you are over the computer? Cringe dude.
  9. https://gyazo.com/33c4e1a932286272ec30d2623ac4bea0 mainly the gmaul , overheads and blk d hide ones.
  10. If you stake i suggest recording every single one if you dont have proof the admins cant do anything and thats for every server you play no matter how rich or well known you are or a person that donates alot if you dont have proof your fucked.
  11. This nigga in his zone , lol nice vid dude
  12. Shadovv

    Money Making Guide

    Nice guide macky #mongolians
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