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  1. lmfaoooo!!! this kid is legit retarded we never ever merged with 3-4 clans , even when we were closed cc we were clearing the fuck out of you retards. we dont need to be open cc to compete with you bums. the only time u record was when no one was on for the later timezone so we just said fuck it leave 50s this kids are 4nrs lmfao you get smoked 24-7 by us cya in wildy
  2. multi would be dumb because people would just pile the best player in known teams but some people would use alts if their smart but still single is just better
  3. its just annoying cause i have 20 achievements tracked so id have to redo a bunch when i complete them but i get what your saying but still...
  4. anyone else hate having to go back to the achievements and re selecting the same achievements that you completed? it should be able to continue tracking it non stop after completion.
  5. they added some shit like the lms hosting , profanity filter , but theres nothing about it on forums calm down bro.
  6. recently there was a system update yesterday or two days ago but theres no post about what was changed or added or anything is there a topic number i cant find it anywhere in the in game updates section or announcements can someone send me topic number or somthing
  7. only way i died cause i had smite silly mistake , wont happend again but gg was looking if u vidded it lol
  8. there should be a requirment for youtube rank that you need to know how to edit properply lmfao
  9. little do you know i got my alt in it so yeah its def spy infected
  10. the most spy infected cc lmfao
  11. most cringe video i ever seen lmfao , running around calling everyone a bum that gets killed in multi , you cant even edit out your mouse click audio lmfao!!
  12. what are your guys thoughts on not having a fully working clan wars on this server? personally i love clan wars its fun and it gives teams a chance for bragging rights with rules you cant have in the wild , same numbers same gear etc... it gives teams to battle it out and practice for clan cups , in the wild its harder to do cause of other teams/people crashing it and its just not as fun or legit
  13. just turn yell off? i have it off cause its always toxic and i just yell if i gotta sell somthing and thats about it
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