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  1. Thank you just wish my mic wasnt so scuffed, got a new one coming though!
  2. Hey everyone here is the second episode of my new series Road to a Twisted Bow (RTTB) this video is extremely proddy pls no hate, Don't forget to like the video be subscribed and comment your in game name to be eligible for the giveaway.. Enjoy!
  3. Hey everyone, here is my second video here on roatz, be sure to like/subscribe and comment your in game name to be eligible for the giveaway! theres also a referal code in the video just use ::refer and enter my code! enjoy
  4. Hi Roatz whats poppin i'm insta been around the rsps scene for a long long time been inactive on youtube for a year or so since having twins this is my channel i'm going to start making some videos on this server should be fun hope you enjoy and subscribe for future roat pkz content.
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