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  1. nice photoshop unsplit, what you say about screens?? they 4days old fuciking retard... Fail kid eazy kid....! @Zoradz thanks for your good job , dont trust them , they liers, falador king say je on skype with you but He lies... Lol nvm...
  2. 2 guys yesterday see me in champ with red skull and they know what ks was yesterday cheche fail unsplit lol
  3. @Zoradz Yo ask the matta how long i have this red skull, and if tou need pm Il sent screens with name who yesterday was @ champ with me and they say whats me ks was yesterday, hes not me friend if need i cant Tell to you hes nick name or i can sent screens cuz i Seen He today and asked how Much was yesterday my ks, and make a sreen when He answer to me. I 'll wait. And for you unsplit Gg now u can think what to say to mods how u kill me gl to you kid Photoshop master lol, cant pk then He going photoshop haha
  4. Kk kids i dont chat with us cuz you time waste unsplit i saying To you you in pk are shit, go work with photoshop more, falador king is Lier day He say He talking with mod zoradz but He Just lie unsplit go Invite more friends to talk or to lie, # the matta Pking with me He knows how king i have this skull, now He off is , and nice photoshop kid, i Want know what you say to mods when they check me kill streak, what u say?? I dont pk now i ll wait admin to check they you be fuciking Lier on this server now Brb jelly kids. And one more time say to unsplit you are EAZY and you cant kill me cuz you dont know how pk, go in YouTube look pking video than i think tou learn and good luck to you with your photoshops and with learning to pk ez kid
  5. Lol why you lie so Much? I know why cuz u jelly kid
  6. @Zoradz ye Tell them kids , in you need ask yoobs how to check kill'S. Unsplit you are eazy.
  7. And unsplit one more time i saying to you go in YouTube search how learn to pk? Cuz u shit i dont know what u can kill lol
  8. L0L nice jokes i have Just xoxoxo lt kid . 5 accounts l000000l you sleeping and Dream that? guys wait till admin be on then talk unslpilt Just mad cuz He cant kill me and photoshop this sreens cuz He come to me Show hes kill streak 91 lol when i Show He mad then work out with photoshop lol. He is your friend? Cuz falador king say to me He talking with admins but He Just lie lol
  9. L0L kid He shit in pk he cant kill nothing, he can go work with photoshop fuciking kid thinks He kill him in ges dreams, He Just mad cuz He have lower killstreak mods will check what He Do then??? and this kid dumb this i pk in edge l0l.. I"ll waiting till admin log in unsplit fail kid go nore work with photoshop cuz u cant pk or go in YouTube and search how learn pk
  10. Yra you right you photoshop this screens cuz never kill him and you cant kill him kid, He dont pk in edge with main combat LOL. U are dumb they will check you what u say to mods then?? the matta rise He have this skull about 3-4 days.. lOl jelly kid
  11. L0L He photoshop this pics, admin will check, He Just jelly ks, and now IT is 120 unsplit !! U fail kid , never kill him cuz you cant kill him L0L Kid fail photoshop, Just look him krd one time its8 then after 2 kills its 10 L00000L , fail unsplit
  12. nice photoshop unsplit. #the Matta will rise!
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