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  1. mrss4mod - stop complain over small things in ur life
  2. loved all the clips where u killed proffeser - nice vid bro
  3. Nice update gretar! still waiting for spiked manacles tho
  4. probs not gonna happen as u can see urself, theres ton of people wcing and getting free pkp from doing skilling while playing on other acc, pking/pvming
  5. I support the with the new pets! Bring me a 10k dp pet!
  6. Probs coming a thursday - like the past updates
  7. I agree! Make a crafting outfit!
  8. Time to get some votes and dps:))))
  9. I would love to see the new clue items being added. Especially all the 3rd age, but i dont want axe/pickaxe to be added in the shops tho - just so all the 3rd age are in the same shop including adding the spiked manacles, so pures can have max set
  10. "2 week old" Yet i played back in the days and the guy still havent changed.
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