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  1. If you just want to see the nice clips, i recommend to skip my talking at the beginning and enjoy this :)! to skip : 1:34
  2. Decent Staff Team i can say, special thanks to supremium & to Fantastic, always there if you need something, would recommend for supremium the moderator role, dude is always online and is helping alot tho. Also im gonna say thanks to Gretar for the great Updates he have done. Roat Pkz is the #1 OSRS PK Server. Hope that will never change! Best Regards I Pk Max Jr
  3. How to join the 100$ Paypal GIVEAWAY! 1. Subscribe to my Channel 2. Like the video. 3. Comment your IGN from Roat Pkz. 4. Join my Discord-Server: https://discord.gg/FEeF6r / I Pk Max Jr#0555 If something is missing, i will pick a new Winner! I release the winner on the 3th August. I wish you the best of luck brothers! Thanks for everything! I Pk Max Jr
  4. @Heh Thank you, for your feedback man, means alot brother.
  5. How to join: 1. Make sure your Subscribed to my Channel. 2. Like the video. 3. Comment ur IGN from Runescape Oldschool 07! Also make sure to join my Discord-Server: https://discord.gg/xKBqpt My Discord-Name : I Pk Max Jr#0555 Good luck everyone! I Pk Max Jr
  6. How to enter: - Subscribe to me. - Like the video. - Comment with ur IGN on that video down bellow. Make sure to join my discord server! My Server: https://discord.gg/3NKnkK My Discord Name: I Pk Max Jr#0555 Good luck to all my brothers! Enjoy playing Roat Pkz #1 ! I Pk Max Jr
  7. Thanks for the nice feedback man! Means alot!
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