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  1. This would only cause for people to make new acc’s reset kdr everytime they die until they’re like 1000:0 which would be gay and temper with the ::hiscores of legit kdrs
  2. Shoutout adamzor for setting up 3-4 of these clips
  3. U killed me afk venom and counted it ????? And didn’t even get loot or anything , 2nd time was the tank @easts that u gave back stop the nonsense
  4. littlewillis has ur max set
  5. nice 90 fletching lol
  6. Make sure you Like/Subscribe Comment IGN for chance to win 50k pkp Featuring: @Khalil shoutout to neek man
  7. Adam


    absolutley dogshit my fellow m8
  8. nice 1 , being able to go back n forth thru donator entrances and not get hit was shitty af. good updates.
  9. he didnt even mute me for the 60 mins .. he was lowkey trollin
  10. In-game Name: AdamzorYoutube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIwOlrQhQgbvhEhq-sIU7lQ?view_as=subscriberWhy should we pick you ?: Ive uploaded 3 videos within this month and will continue to record im active and i play mostly everyday, i also am known by alot of the server so i think this rank would befit me
  11. Like Comment Subscribe for a chance to win 25k Pk Points David Ruffin - Lil Durk shoutout again to the realist nigga @WAHEY
  12. Fam don’t worry about people dissing u about music they don’t know who trippie redd is everyone is foreign and from isreal
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