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  1. damn fire ass update but server can use some type of emotes or emojis or something.... also quick prayers with presets plzzzzzzzz
  2. good vid #plankgang like and sub boys for giveaway!
  3. Fantastic Cx - best there this. Active on discord and forums. Respectful and very helpful. +1 Rag Bot v1 - Very friendly mod and goes out of his way to help. +1 Fruitiest - Helps on yell a lot and active. But abuses +0 Pm2getbodied - Been around for awhile and helps out a ton. Very well deserved promotion imo. +1 Dont really interact with any other staff tbh. Most are inactive as hell....
  4. get off my dick fanboys
  5. ye he deserves ban imo, been rushing 24/7 whenever hes online.
  6. Nah I dont think your name is gretar. Don't tell me how to do my job legit. BTW if you haven't seen, I said I was not told to be active on forums so idk what your on about.
  7. I flamed you over yell? I thought it was you saying what thicbby said and i said i was high. Just because you were staff on other servers doesnt mean you can tell me how to do my job?
  8. I dont talk shit to anyone that doesnt talk shit to me..... dont say nothing to me and i wont bother you trust me. Your the wrong person to tell me how to and what to do with being ss. Didn't know you were gretar?
  9. Was never told I had to be active on forums.. Only toxic because people are toxic at me first bud. Trust me I help more people then you think. Just because im toxic to you and your clan because you try to trigger me. It obviously works but you guys are doing this on purpose and calling me shit ss. When the reason im flaming is because of you guys. I am the most active staff member and I respect everyone but when you come at me saying shit like that, im gonna respond...
  10. Mrss King helps everyone and does his job fine. He's not abusing powers when you get warnings every day obviously you should know not to do the same exact thing. King keep doing your job bro! gj
  11. I ran into multi because thought my clan was coming but obviously not lol, still sad recording someone dying in 1k risk vs all max sets. All good nice vid.
  12. Nice guide! Will definitely help newcomers with finding out how and where to skill!
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