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  1. do a lot of people on here actually believe i use ahk?
  2. so about 15 mins ago i pmed boney money why i cant use the new clan vault and he said i needed to update my client, so i did just that. i deleted every rpkz file off my computer then reinstalled the jar. i use my correct password to my account, and it says "invalid password" even tho its the right password. so i try deleting every rpkz file off my computer again and trying the windows client and same thing, claims its invalid password even tho thats not the truth. can I please have my account back? im pretty annoyed this is even a thing
  3. I've heard Odablock talk about this in his streams and I think it would be a badass concept to have on RPKZ. What i mean by a PK Arena is where you and your opponent can put up items/pkpt on a screen and you can select 1-15 chances on the same screen, but they are separate for both opponents. For example, if you were to select 2 chances and your opponent were to select 5 chances then this means if you got chanced twice and didnt die either time while your opponent hasnt died either and is under 5 chances then that means your opponent would automatically win the Arena Match. But, if one of you were to die before your chances were up, then ofc the person who died would automatically lose the match. This also could be a very good PKPT sink if you were to throw a tax on it.
  4. They should really cost money since they are such strong arrows. I say gretar should put them both in the PKPT Shop for .5 pkpt per Amethyst arrow and 2-5 pkpt per dragon arrow.
  5. If i could call it i would call it "divine" rank(color of rank would be black) and i suggest it costing 499.99 usd on the store(aka 425 dollars usd with the 15% off covid sale) or as for benefits of the rank, if say it should be these: ability to acesss the "divine" cape at ::dzone off a new rack(gives the same bonuses as a f cape/donator cape, but it has +1 defence bonus more then infernal cape across the board and has +1 more prayer bonus then the fire/donator cape. teleport for free to the same location as the revenant cave teleport(maybe call it ::revenant) but can only use 2 times a day All new item called "Pod Increaser"(able to buy it off of the new NPC standing next to the divine cape rack)(Costs 4000 pkpt, is untradable)(lost on death, but not the Royal Seed Pod, only the attachment is lost) with a all new set effect: If you combine this with your royal seed pod, you will now be able to make a new item called the "Grand Seed Pod" and the effect will be you will be able to teleport at 31 wilderness instead of the usual 30. if it were up to me i think the new NPC where you buy the Pod Increaser should be the NPC from OSRS named "Ajjat" but instead of him wearing an attack cape he would be wearing the new divine cape. extra mage arena cape charges: 13 (3 more then legendary) npc drop rate: 37 percent (2 percent more then legendary) extra PVP key drop rates: 55 percent (5 percent more then legendary) extra PKP per kill: +40 (10 pkpt more then legendary) extra blacklist spots: +7 (2 more then legendary) extra bank slots: +592 (80 more then legendary) special attack restore: every 25 seconds (5 seconds quicker then legendary) extra custom kits: +25 kits (5 more then legendary) extra skin colors: +14 skins (1 more then legendary) (all new skin color for only divine ranks) extra trading post slots: +20 slots(4 more then legendary) Free donator Points upon purchase: +1750(950 more then legendary)(i think this is fair as long as the divine rank would cost 499.99 usd) I would love for some feedback on this idea!
  6. So far I have been a member of roat pkz for around a year and while mostly everything is great there are 3 ideas I have. 1.) Allow zoom to be the same as osrs; in osrs you can zoom very close to your opponent, while in roat pkz you cant zoom properly, which means i have to walk to a certain angle to be satisfied. 2.) Fix special attack bar; i have noticed when i click the special attack bar twice most of the time it will only use 1 spec. make it so it doesnt do that. 3.) Make it so it isnt as easy to misclick others while in a fight
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