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  1. its runecraft not runecrafting gretar
  2. skill issue get good or dont fight dhers if you don't wana die to them as often pm me in game if you want me to teach you how to fight dhers properly
  3. having a 1.3 kdr on a rsps doesnt make you a king it makes you a shitter and imagine being ungrateful for a donation that was not even necessary. hmu in game sometime so i can take your bank
  4. you made a video calling me a victim acting like your kill was skillful, immature people like you dont deserve my gp, copium. and if that wasn't bad enough, you constantly rush people in edge with the scummiest possible setup.
  5. If you are one of these people you are not allowed to have a shot at ANY of my events/winning my prize moneys starting from here on out(highly likely I will add more people to this list when I deem it necessary): osrs cagon anecdoteOSRS lasamoatodas bored as fuc la diabla21 fibonacci dog on acid u can ce me disease anecdoteOSRS reggie jr slapped rsps scrap men im brad karishma oaq kaioken X20 neck beards bolewicki vengbrah mahuk blissfulness headchef rodm hentaiwaifu trump runtz bored as fuc anecdote lets rock it PJING YEW a wild xd unclenaps dundadda kh revanto god slayer pvmnad vitres rs bn moe dragonw1zard rabbot viewing a wild xd 420 maribell na na ty yourebad 101000100100 aperfect sipsick water pl8nkton pipdik
  6. so ive started getting into the osrs high risk veng scene and as many of you know im extremely talented at veng high risk so gp comes easy to me even in the high risk osrs veng scene. my events will likely range from as low as 50m to all the way up to 1b osrs gp. So the first event I will be hosting very very soon is a 100m osrs discord talent show. You will come into a voice chat channel with me in it and will share screen and will show off your irl talent, and whoever i deem most impressive wins the 100m osrs gp. basically if you would like to participate you will come to my discord in the invite that will be available in my next topic. However, please be aware that I have created a blacklist on my desktop on people i deemed not fit for any of my events(since there rats that dont deserve a chance at my prize money).The next topic will state every last in-game name that are not allowed to participate in the event nor any event I will ever host. the next topic after that will state when my event will be hosted on what day and time and will be created when i have contacted and setup the event with the higher up staff/gretar. No sign-up is required for this event, just show up in my discord at the given time on the given date and you will be allowed to participate. Good luck my rpkz friends!
  7. I have never tuned into the deep wilderness where RATGANG is being pleasant and genuine. This clan is toxic to his roots, and acted like a mutant child when they lost to Casalusio in a 100v1. Many of our youth are joining these clans and looking up to them. It hurts me to know people look up to a clan who sucks shit at pking. There is nothing I can do to change the cc , or stop you from joining. But please take everything with a grain of salt. Which means don’t just mindlessly absorb the 2 oak log splits being presented. If you’re trying to make the internet a better place. Then give the good parts of it a visit. Watch some dog memes. That’s the only wholesome place left on the internet it feels like.
  8. just like in osrs, and make it have small prizes too, like untradable outfits/small items worth pkpt. Perhaps you could make it so when you do a random event instead of dismissing it you will get a untradable outfit piece + a random event mystery box(untradable) where the average reward could be worth on average a small amount of pkpt but you have a chance at a big reward like an ags/stale baguette. What do you guys think of this idea? And of course just like osrs all these events would be very simple and not hard to do at all and will be able to dismiss them. (the one we have now will not change, you still get the genie here and there and the rate you get it would still be the same)
  9. One of my goals on rpkz is to get 200m all skills so in the near future ill be having my 10% xp boosts for certain skills active often I will say in yell when I turn it on and which skill will be active so if you care about the 10% xp boosts go ahead and join my cc when I say in yell its active
  10. -Make it so your prayer drains while doing barrows -make it so you have to navigate tunnels in order to get to barrows chest room -code stange old lockpick where it allows you to go through any door in the barrows tunnels, has 50 charges(tradable, 1/100 chance of receiving it per chest) -make it so the barrows chest door entrance doesnt require for you to solve a puzzle to stay with the "its an rsps, it should be easier" idea -Buff the pkpt/hour at barrows to be more poor player friendly. possible ideas for doing this: 1/25 chance for 10k pkpt per chest opened assuming you killed all 6 brothers -tradable strange old lockpick itself would be worth money(again, 1/100 chance of receiving it per chest assuming you killed all 6 brothers) what are your guys opinion on this suggestion? I feel the balancing of skill and a buffed pkpt per hour method makes this very fair.
  11. shows in order who has the most collection log slots completed in the game
  12. bank incenerator to destroy items while banking(just like osrs) i think the buyable bank space should be structured like this: (40 spaces extra per block purchased) block 1: 10k pkpt, block 2: 20k pkpt, block 3: 50k pkpt, block 4: 100k pkpt, block 5: 200k pkpt, block 6: 500k pkpt, block 7: 1m pkpt, block 8: 2m pkpt, block 9: 5m pkpt, block 10: 10m pkpt IMO this is a very nice gold sink idea. What are your thoughts on this idea guys?
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