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  1. This is for the clan members only basically - not for someone outside the cc
  2. How can one post Clan here? and it seems broken a bit if to be honest, or rather some clans just didn't maintenance their clans there for long... Maybe hot command/link in-game to that section can boost some activity there?
  3. Hey, So following some of the things I suggested on topic #21034, I would like to suggest some more clan related things: 1. It would be great if Clan Icon could be displayed next to player in-game and forum The idea behind clan icon is to attach clan icon next to name nevertheless the cc the player is in - this can prevent a lot of fake accounts and imposters - some logic of giving it by clan leader and then only clan leader can return it would be pretty simple to use. - Maybe clan unique capes to have the ability to merge with other capes such as fire /donor/mage etc... 2. Clan events - could be pretty neat if some 10 x 10 or 5 x 5 or 20 x 20 tournaments would take place between clans, solo or multi or both could be great - this can encourage people to join to a clan in general in order to participate the events. 3. Clan vs Clan staking - I'm seeing a lot of ragging between random people calling "multi bot" etc. so I was thinking about an option to give clan the opportunity to open Clan vs Clan manual event setting w.e preferences they want including risk / safe zone - fighting type - defense levels - but to be limited to like 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, the thing is that it could be great if an option for staking/betting between the clans and clan members could take place inside. (like duel arena but for multi basically, with an option for outside betting). 4. Clan weekly / daily profit due to ranks in the leaderboard. There are clans in the game who are not sharing any of the profits they receive from the leaderboard that the clan members are working for, I think it should be fair for clan members to see overall how much weekly / monthly the clan made from this overall leaderboard scoring. 5. Clan member list - I think something like this should be visible/accessible - referred to #1 suggestion. 6. Clan personal area I think some in-game perks should be made for clans, such as restorations/monsters/shop and things in general that a clan can put in his special area. - those things should not be spawnable and dropped from chests/bosses/shops in the game. - it could be nice to have an option for the clan to build his own space and waste some lots of pkp for the decorations and all the perks - some of them can be done via making clan achievement diary or something. I have more suggestions but would be glad to hear your opinion/thoughts about it. Hope you like at least one of them
  4. Nice video man! keep that up!
  5. Well, I think the extreme zone is too OP for money-making atm - maybe reduce the amount of revenant monsters a bit?
  6. Question about new Legendary Donator - for those who are currently Extreme - what do we need to do in order to get Legendary? a. Buy Another 2-3 extreme and use them? b. Buy Legendary and receive extreme back when it's used? How is it going to work?
  7. I think a couple of things that should be added to donator / extreme donator: 1. Spawn cooldown rule after skilling - Penalty should be reduced by the rank. 2. Make food and certain potions untradable but spawnable for donators - like anglerfish, etc. But additional pros can be nice in general!
  8. I think making darts while training smithing/mining is the smartest - this way you get 3 skills, although maybe it's slower overall.. Post results later
  9. Hey @PK Guy See attached bellow: - Editing suggestion - will it be possible to make it proportionally resizable? Current Fixed Mode: The "Full Screen" Fixed Mode:
  10. I think some Magic and Defense items can add, although the PVP items are more than enough to max pk here..
  11. Hey, Please make option inside of client to make full screen on fixed mode view. Thanks!
  12. Hey, Interested in buying yell rank of [[email protected]#$%] Offer
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