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  1. Imagine being this desperate to bring tb switch and then cut your inventory off the screenshot You would have never killed me without swap tb kid, You will never be on my level HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa
  2. hAhAHhaAHAHAhahAHahAH little virgin kissing the ground once again OUT OF MY LEAGUE KID BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD HAhAhaAHaHAhaHAahAhaAHahAHahAhaHAhaHA Thanks for the second donation btw
  3. "privVatteEE SeRvveRR HeRoO!!!1 :(:(;(" "cOMeeE RisK MEeE ONNn 07!!!" Nice double chin kid, get the fuck out
  4. ty for donation retard youtube btw
  5. Another average NHer that bites the dust ::blacklist pls
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