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  1. thanks man appreciate
  2. My video actually placed in the video competition. Tired of RS "editors" claiming they know anything about the trade. You don't.
  3. No offense but this is literally nothing, like I can do this in Camtasia with little to not effort. I mean as a full time job. If this is your full time job and this is what you put together you should definitely look for another line of work. This video just proves my point that literally Runescape editors outside of luixi and pirus have no clue what they're talking about and have no real understanding of editing... LOL I CBA this was you video entry??? Why are you claiming to be an editor if this was the vidoe you put together I'm so confused.
  4. There are a lot of "editors" on RS but currently Pirus is the only active editor who has a legitimate understanding of editing (enough to edit as his full time job).
  5. Hard

    New PK Video

    Naw Pirus just came back to the game tho. Im ben.
  6. Hard

    New PK Video

    Wasnt a big deal was just shared accounts Ty dog
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