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  1. my full time job? did i say that? i edit to pass time and something fun to do, i'd like to see your editing. And your arse licking skills are unreal i've watched pirus's vids and your going on like he's a fucking god they are basic too! why the fuck are you licking someones arse so much? i don't claim to be some next level editor so stop your assumptions i was being nice and offered to edit so what is your problem? it has nothing to do with you. You commented on this post with the cleanest arse licking skills i have ever seen. MAD RESPECT your good at that! if you would be kind enough to wipe the shit from your upper lip i'd appreciate it very much. #no1tonguepuncher.
  2. I've done one edit for runescape, did my comp entry in a matter of 2 days with the short ammount of time i had between work. was nothing special, runescape related editing is nothing like the edits i do generally. I do music videos in general. But yeah...Enough to make a living from uhummm i do?
  3. YouTube Message me for all information regarding any work you may potentially want! BTwifi#1148 | - A full range of prices can be offered and a wider portfolio is available to browse - |
  4. elite void colour kits is where it's at ahahaha
  5. Title says it all, Are you a content creator that doesn't have the time to edit and sort through all your clips? or maybe you want to start out creating content and don't have the slightest clue about editing? i am offering edits on pk video's, clan video's, Sole content.. I am open to all types of editing drop me a message and we can go from there. IGN: BT Wifi. Disc: BTwifi#1148. I will send all relevant links to previous edits i have done this year to any potential customer. Drop me your query and i'll drop you a quote. #open minded on payment. see y'all in-game. P.s - Be a top lad and subscribe to the new channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMSuWu3PLU7U0OFjFQsZ4A
  6. Just a few random clips put into a short teaser for a range only pk video i have coming up. massive combo's including dark bow to dragon throwing axe, huge d bolt procs, venge combo's, high risk pking and full morrigans /w javs/axes! the clips used in this preview are average as i plan to use the tasty ones in the following upload. thanks for looking, catch you in-game
  7. Video is not as long as i'd of liked due to corrupting files, bit of an over-edit but something for y'all to watch. Will be releasing a more stripped back video in the next week or two focusing on clips. Which reminds me.. See you in-game IGN: BT Wifi. Hit me up if for edits if you appreciated this at all.
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