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  1. Would 1-1 actions at zulrah set this system off or is this mainly for auto-clickers and people cheating in pking?
  2. I'm literally the only one who's given feedback so far, you guys just dogpiled me for not kissing peoples asses. You both are spamming. What's the a point of a thread like this if you're only allowed to suck people off? Gtfo, stop replying to me bud.
  3. yeah my fault there are grease balls crawling old server passwords leaked 10+ years ago, you guys can play the blame game all you want. At the end of the day the mods acknowledged there was a hacker and did nothing more than ban him even though they had the information available to set things right. I was asked for feed-back and my feedback is that I don't see them doing shit when there is most definitely shit to be done. The worst part is I almost NEVER see them answering basic questions in help or yell, which is even worse than my own personal problem cause answering questions takes almost zero effort.
  4. Lol, so much for a feedback thread bud. Well thats my experience with you guys, rarely actually see you do anything. Don't like it? Don't come in the thread asking for feedback. You guys can view the player files I know that, so why not control F the player trades file for the hackers name and figure out what he stole from who? I know you can do this, I've ran p servers before. Its just lazyness that there was a mass hacker that you know of and people weren't refunded.
  5. You guys don't seem to mind checking my password and IP information when I post about being hacked, and you even admit there was a hacker and that he was banned, but even though you're willing to check our player files for that, you guys decide to be a bit lazy and not check our files for trades and refund everyone who was hacked from the hackers account? I'm sorry I've been here for months and I've helped more people in the chat than any mod, you guys don't really do anything as far as I can tell.
  6. First of all the standard genie random is needlessly stressful. You picked several similar items like rune plate and rune plate (t)/guthix plate. You just made it harder for humans to solve without really making it harder for bots, if a bot is advanced enough that it can see through the fuzz and detect individual items then it most certainly can detect a trim color, please change the items to completely different ones from each-other so that its mindless for people. I have heard people on yell/help saying they got blocked cause they messed up the random twice, I struggle sometimes and I cant even imagine how bad it is for colorblind people. Second of all the reward is a joke. I was doing zulrah and cause I couldnt do the genie for a minute I got hit with the captcha random where you have to open a web page and verify your humanity and what do I get? 14 pkp. That is just ridiculous for the effort man, I give away 20X that to random people who ask for starting untradables. There is no one on this game who would feel rewarded by 14 pkp, not a single person. Random events should give like 100 pkp on average. Still pretty terrible amount, but worth a few logs if you're woodcutting, or worth a portion of a boss kill/slayer task if you're pvming. My problem is that I actually lose money solving a random event no matter what I'm doing because the pkp it gives is worth less than killing a few monsters, woodcutting, pking or bossing. If we have too inconvenience people in an attempt to stop bots , might as well throw us a bone
  7. Thanks for the quick response and glad to hear
  8. Yeah I know the title sounds like I'm an idiot, but hear me out. First time I logged in a while back and because everything was gone I assumed the server had an economy reset (like many other servers do), but now I'm realizing that wasn't the case. I played for a few days then a majority of my stuff was missing yet again. Can you check my account for massive trades in the past week or so? Would be nice to get my 100K back (or more if its the same person who got me originally) if thats a thing, but mostly I just want the person banned more than anything, thanks. I've secured my account n all that at this point, shouldnt happen again
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