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  1. I am genuinely amazed at how below average this is. Even though we’ve always pked on opposing sides I’ve respect your pking. This wasn’t good i hope to see better videos in the future
  2. Up and coming videomaker/millionaire adamzor
  3. Stg vls whack is stronger than the spec also, the javelins are stupid op you hit constant 40s with them
  4. Sick vid from a sick pker keep em comin brodieee
  5. Tupac


    Better than anything jblinds put out lately
  6. didn’t watch but I know the videos shit
  7. Tupac

    New Arrival

    Welcome to roatpkz relish
  8. Popbop the failed nser and I d0wn u’s puppet I remember you!
  9. Better than solidtag
  10. I had an elder maul refunded once @Smackd
  11. 3 of the people that you posted aren’t shit the rest are. Me, glqck and adamzor (some spicy 1v10s) nice topic bro
  12. keytracker could’ve fucked 4 bitches 2 weeks ago but didn’t because it’s haram respect
  13. Intro was retarded doesnt make sense you’re not xex
  14. Whitest thing I’ve read in a while. If I was fmod I’d ban you
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