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  1. Maybe you could not have a shit open cc
  2. I drive a diesel is that ok
  3. Finally a new player who’s suggestions don’t suck
  4. Wiping the floor with keytrackers head
  5. @Smackd @Gretar gypsy cousin lmao^
  6. This was implemented because we were temporarily removed from runelocus a few years ago (if memory serves) because of the mass-voting people were doing which rl doesn’t consider legitimate
  7. I think it’s too early for something like this. no one has maxed yet and skills are supposed to take a long time to train anyway
  8. Agree with 1/3 can you post a gyazo of #2 i haven’t experienced that
  9. Had a laugh watching this. at least I had the sense to leave after 3 hours
  10. Really detailed and respect that u gave those guys credit. Ur pms lol
  11. He’s with god now my guy.
  12. Tupac


    Sorry to hear you’re going through that man
  13. tried sciming me in a spirit shield #bmt cuz
  14. sorry for your dad fam. prayers up
  15. Hey guys. So as you all know, there is currently no brew cap when picking up wilderness keys. This means that players can bring (and usually do) 18+ brews to these events, with tank armour. They know the system is flawed and make hundreds of thousands of pkp doing this. It is nearly impossible to kill someone under these circumstances (assuming the key is in a singles area). They are packing nearly 1300hp in their inventory, or 60 anglerfish lol. It's unrealistic to expect to kill these people without incredible rng. You are seeing incredibly unskilled players that normally don't engage in this kind of pking (if any) tanking groups of 10+ people, simply due to the fact that they have such a ridiculous amount of hp. Now maybe i'm the only person that sees this as being an issue, but I think there are things that could be done to make these events more exciting and realistic for everyone. If not a brew cap, maybe extend the tb, although it's already 6:00. I also think that there should be some sort of incentive to bring risk to these events. Currently, there is no reason to bring much risk if you plan on running the key, as you can simply wear karils with an ancient staff and expect some degree of success (refer to first paragraph). Something I thought of could be something like every 3rd key, you need to be risking x-amount of pkp to attempt to pick up/attack the key holder. These keys would offer better rewards (even slightly) than the regular wilderness keys, while obviously coming at a greater risk. I'm curious to hear what you guys think of this and if you have any other ideas please leave them below. @PK Guy @Ahmash @Gretar @Smackd @Fantastic @Oso_2real @sophia @JBLIND @Tesfxye @Khalil @King Arturia @WAHEY
  16. Tupac


    I used to post music pretty regularly. heres 1
  17. This is one of the most exciting updates I’ve seen since the new client release. So much new content and more shit to do on roat now. Very happy to see it thanks @Gretar @Fantastic
  18. Do u have monster stickers on ur subie
  19. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to obtain a reasonable amount of pkp in a few hours. I play roatpkz rarely and manage to scrape together a max set with little to no difficulty like I said, people that stay poor stay that way because they’re shit at the game
  20. One of the best to ever do it
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