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  1. Enter the giveaway by: Comment your name Subscribe Like the video!
  2. @Latina Pussy Nothing to be done about it sadly. It was drop as an item like shown in picture (Agility pet) And u explained it yourself with inventory full + pet following you
  3. This is something thats gonna happen already
  4. would be nice with actual NEW tournaments, such as DMM setup etc n proper pure tournaments with 1 DEF
  5. Clue Guide have been updated and upgraded! Update: General Information - More detailed Pictures been updated - More detailed - More location orientated Emote Steps been added to all clues Check out each invidual clues when you aren't sure of locations or what items to wear. Hot n Cold locations have been added to all clues A popular step to receive and one of the steps that can take time to figure out the exact location to dig. Pictures are in order from lowest wilderness to highest in each section
  6. just saying, pain in the ass grind - hf
  7. I finished my fishing grind - no support. Would in general be nice if there was some ways of getting XP over SKP for all skills
  8. Invite Competition! The invite competition will last 10 days, ending 24/25 March! Total amount of price will be 2M PKP. The one with most successfully invites will be the winner and follows down. 1M Pk Points 500K Pk Points 250K Pk Points 150K Pk Points 100K Pk Points Rules: - Botting invites AIN'T allowed! - Only VALID invites/members counts! - Fake invites will result in disqualification of the competition! - No join for join servers! Best of luck to anyone! Join the Discord now and start inviting people! https://discord.gg/HGJQTpyc6s
  9. Best of luck man - ambitious goals n achievements, but gotta start somewhere
  10. The "doors" aint needed. Gretar just needa do as being told multiple times and fix command ::dice that will instantly bring you to the dicing area but again, dicing is a small area and could be taken into the middle of fp - chances of getting scammed that way tho due 1 guy can chance easily without the other guy knowing
  11. #ballhogs tatted on my balls
  12. lil tip - use pet and then u have "tilemarkers" for mage
  13. have ss, mods and admins punish people for it - but freedom is a thing on roat
  14. Lets see your ideas homie Minigames on Roat, is most likely pointless, due to people having to grind it - as you can see for the current situation for Castle Wars, no one uses it. Could perhaps be because of shitty rewards, maybe? But the rewards is related to the ones on OSRS. Fist of Guthix, no. I dont wanna see gretar spending time on something, that will be dead content fairly quickly + you would need a lot of players for ONE game to be fun to do - aint fun with just 5 people on each team + the rewards would have to be fairly op for people to do it. For Pest Control, yes and no. What @zite said about BHP would be fairly useless, since a lot of people buy BHP to buy elite void. And for it to be succesful, A LOT of players for ONE round - which aint gonna happen. Clan Wars. Yes, would be nice to have the option atleast for Clans to set up an actual war, where wagers from each team can be placed as reward for winning the war instead of pointless suiciding and teleporting back to certain location of war.
  15. fixed - you now have worse rng
  16. goat


    what my bbygurl said
  17. UPDATED "Scrolls (Skip & Skill Boost)" have been added with information about them being relevant for clues.
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