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  1. It's not oldschool at all, it's not lovely, it's a symbol the decay time of rs and mentioning it in the future should be punishable tbh awful idea
  2. still happens to me over ten times per day, where is @Gretar his opinion on this, intended mechanic to keep the price of bh points higher or what?
  3. unless if your opinion is that pet should cause discomfort, remove the right click options on own pet in non-safe areas would be nice, including tourny
  4. every single tournament. and not just my time, most of the participants time. its retarded not to fix this
  5. talking to me or gretar? seems like he only wants an even number, in which case you don't need to sit 110/130 people in round 1 (example number dont fuck ants on that)
  6. well it's a huge timewaste , you could do this on a far smaller scale so few people have to sit an entire round and waste so many people their time
  7. 130 people in tourny first round is only like 8 fights and the other 110 people have to wait this shit out. happens literally every tourny, plain annoying especially in rng tourny's (most). why still not fixed, it's too difficult for you or just don't care?
  8. would be chill so you don't need to drop brews when looting a kill haha..
  9. another example of a guy skipping right before dying. fucking pathetic this works while in combat
  10. Here have a bump post reminder that this does still happen on a daily basis on numerous ocassions. The only persons who don't do it are those who don't know how to or those who aren't assholes. So that leaves 90% of the server who does skip, either when freezing and standing under or simply when bolting you because it's easy as fuck to do while in combat. If there was a simple measurement put in place that you cannot skip your target if you have been in combat with him in the last 25 seconds that would resolve this entirely as it surpasses the length of a barrage freeze. And there's no real reason not to do it because those not into bounty hunter can opt out of it entirely. The reason you don't hear much about this is a combination of people not bothering to make a suggestion, most bounty hunter pking happening in edgeville and lack of trust it will get fixed once adressed here. Hopefully prove that last part wrong.
  11. even better I would like to have it unlimited for everyone however the server tends to like to give these things upon donator steps same with target skips etc so thought this would fit. Your example is like yeah sure but it's still little.
  12. 5 daily this indeed! people who use alts still have advantage because they don't waste inventory spots on it so yeah it would help if those who want to consistently use the spellbook switching would be able to rather than this arbitrary limitation and forcing alts to be used.
  13. Why even post then. Your first post was irrelevant to what was stated idk wtf you're on about but never seen shit like everyone always able to skip easily
  14. This makes no sense. Yeah it is common, it's usually filthy pvmer dogs who mock you when they're nearly out and then skip.
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