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  1. +1000 I've been saying similar things all along
  2. does not count as a guthix staff, cannot auto cast claws of guthix. Basically is just a waste of LMS points currently.
  3. That you end up posting trivial nonsense like this should already make you think hard enough about the smallness of your pride. The fact that you need to show of this kdr boosted number and feel better is likely an indication of a mental health problem I wish you all the best maybe get a hobby in real life and try to achieve something you can actually be proud of so statistics on a rsps dont reach you anymore. In the mean time reply to my forum thread about actual game mechanics rather than meaningless ego stroke statistic.
  4. First of all wearing the full set is supposed to do absolutely nothing for accuracy, so only the axe = same accuracy as set. Also I believe that many of you will have more vivid memories of it failing than of the moments it worked, because when it worked you just shrug and think ok it done what it should and therefore have far weaker memory of it than the moments it let you down. So it would be alright if they double check the code but it's working as intended most likely. 70hp with nice strength bonus is already indeed sufficient to hit such numbers. Go to Google look up the dharok effect formula and see for yourself.
  5. Ehh no you dumb cunt I actually do not, I tb, entangle, stand next to them, get some botls/whip hits in and they just easily skip while in combat. Considering you said earlier that it ''never lets you'' I suggest you just pass along since you're showing your cluelessness.
  6. I hunt targets deep wild. This is the type of messages they send before planking. Have not checked how much food remained in inventory if any. The reason I do not know of this message is due to me perceiving 0 difference in amounts of targets that skip me last minute. Also because I obviously never tried to do it myself because it's lame.
  7. You're not stopping anything because you're not making any point. Because you get questions about it , does not mean that people who do not want to participate, cannot opt out entirely. What is defined by you as ''little food''? It still happens all the time so now it seems to be about the definition what the game regards as little food. That's a weird workaround for something that could be solved easier, no skipping of target in general if you have been in combat for last 15 seconds..
  8. You are kidding or you want me to make a video? ? did you even fucking read? I said only that target would take priority over npc, not over other players pm2getbodied target trying to hit someone does not take priorty over getting hit by npc. You can still, very easily, skip targets while in combat. I don't know under which rock you guys live or maybe you never tried/encountered it, but it's still here unchanged. '' Exactly, why should you be able to ditch the value of your bounty hunter target whilst in combat robbing the other player. Is your thought process ditch the goods, run to level 30 or below tele, come back loot the invisible loot for a certain amount of time? nah that ain't flying it's just what we decided on. '' What the fuck are you talking about running to 30 and tele are you on drugs or something? I'm speaking out against skipping while in combat and you come with teleport stories lol?
  9. So, in current state everyone who participates in bounty hunter chooses to do so. This because if you do not want to, you can turn it off entirely with emblem trader. Due to this, let those who participate not be disrupted by NPC hitting them anymore. Same like OSRS, target combat goes above NPC. I understand the issue with letting player take priority over other player but surely target alone could always take priority over npc. The second part of this thread is about the fact that my other thread still got no staff response, people skip targets while in combat all the fucking time especially when they're nearly out of food Would like staff opinion on this, is this deliberate grief just like how you cannot drop expensive items in combat? Or is this a nice tactic for keeping the price of bounty hunter point higher? I had to resort to making this thread because even though the evidence is clear in my other it seems to get ignored, as well as adding the first idea into this thread, thanks for read Please do not just post opinion without anything, explain why things should be a certain way if you have an opinion.
  10. still no proper reply, still happens continously l a m e
  11. It's not oldschool at all, it's not lovely, it's a symbol the decay time of rs and mentioning it in the future should be punishable tbh awful idea
  12. still happens to me over ten times per day, where is @Gretar his opinion on this, intended mechanic to keep the price of bh points higher or what?
  13. unless if your opinion is that pet should cause discomfort, remove the right click options on own pet in non-safe areas would be nice, including tourny
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