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  1. I'm not surprised to find that out that you are a Mongolian, besides also being recently banned on several occasions speaks to your character. However, we are TNH, Take No Hostages, one of the new clans, hopefully allowed to build and contend with the tumorous cancer that Mongolians is to this server, events, and the average player.
  2. Sooo.... TNH has just opened and we're off to a good start. After many hit and runs on Mongs, trash talking and run ins with Mongolians in wildy [they spam cc, bring 40-50 people for a 6- team, then spam "cleared" ]. We challenged Mongolians to a 5vs5 to even the odds... which ShittyBoy accepted. Rules No returning, No max gear, Barrows only, Mongolians has the Run In. End result, We drop two players while they can barely get a pile, Mongolians Bs's, leader Shittyboy returns after getting obliterated and spams CC. Number 1 Clan? Its my belief that Mongs is a oppressive clan, which ultimate ruins the Clan environment of Roatz and PKing in general. Moreso they are the only clan on Roatz, that doesnt have 5 skilled players for a even 5vs5, just spams CC and outnumbers the smallest of teams. Recruitment is open gentlemen, want to join TNH? Message me, PLAYNUNEZ, Green Rusher or William ingame.
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