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  1. so you should have to wait over 24 hours? for a response? from a server with 200+ players? l00ll0l00l0l0l
  2. So ive been doing everything your supposed to do to recover an account and have had 0 response. I have sent and email. messaged the skype. and posted on the forums NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. CAN YOU PLEASE RECOVER MY ACCOUNT SO I CAN FUCKIN PLAY! I have asked nice and been respectful and nothing. so I guess ill just have to be assertive.
  3. l0l im best pker for a reason. ill make it back in a day or two. not a problem. just want my donor account. and like I said ^ exactly what I mean by these players. no respect. ruins the player base.
  4. thank you brotha first good advice. I will do that. ive tried messaging a few people. I have messaged yoobs on the forums
  5. exactly what I mean^ we have a horrible player base with no respect.
  6. Okay so its almost been a day of me being hacked. I had about a 3m bank. I don't click on any links so obviously got hacked through the server. and I'm starting to get really pissed. not 1! I mean 1 staff has helped. I mean barley can a player help? I'm donor and wanna play what I worked for. kinda sucks that you get hacked on a game because of the server? hmmmm. idk maybe I'm not hacked and my pass just randomly changed but I doubt that. so please if you could take some action that would be awesome. cause waiting 24 hours for staff help on one of the biggest servers is kinda absurd. im trying to recover my account "im best pker"
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