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  1. Zepar


    haven't played in months but slowly trying to get back into it
  2. Zepar

    Clue Scroll Guide

    i really appreciate this bc normally i cba.
  3. it's not too late to delete this
  4. ok awkward teen would ags be range or mage?
  5. Zepar


    everyone seems to oppose the idea in regards to players resetting their KD every other day. but in that sense, resetting your KD is no different from creating an account every other day.. tbh to save client storage and unnecessary time, i don’t see a problem with a KD reset at the cost of a handsome fee and a 6-12 month time limit intervals
  6. LMAO well i’m selling it in ::tp cheap gg
  7. i'm new is this normal Roat Pkz 2020-02-08 10-05-58_Trim.mp4
  8. made bank then gets cleaned by "eco cleanse" LMAOOOO
  9. bro get a better cam... lmao you’re sitting at 480p. and don’t ever type your intro like we’re in 2008 lmaooo wtf... anyway besides that nice vid.
  10. Zepar


    alright which idiot coded this retarded ass shit? Roat Pkz 2020-02-01 08-41-44_Trim (2).mp4
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