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  2. Border Patrol Day 2. Since our arrival we have been taking over the singles scene pretty easely.. Swab leader "Jeroentje029" dead for his set TWICE not looking good.. Next kill was "Edenaar" this kid thought he could keep running his mouth so we snatched this lost little soul for his set. Our next swab leader that died for his set was "Cumguzzler". We had INTEL a stray cat named "Disqualifiar" was wandering around on our playground this poor kid got killed TWICE for his set already when he also ended up being banned from his clan for it. Next soldier who was caught in the crossfire was Finnish Goon "Lehe xd". Altough swab leaders couldn't catch a break another one bites the dust "0 rapist O. To finnish off our day we ended up with a kill on "Tehtop" DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SGpaPztt
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