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  1. This game means everything to my ego tbh can we just riskfight for irl money
  2. I already was on suicideboys and pouya years ago g matter of fact I think I introduced you to em that one four song slaps and is going on my playlist
  3. Luckily I’ve always been the fastest on the planet I jus got asthma tho
  4. Put me on to some Kodak or anything that slaps rlly peep these
  5. Holy fuck so many old ass people on this list that I kind of forgot about lmaoo
  6. Halo im seen u not on roatz pk for long tim? Com add me I am ::help (die kid die2)
  7. Yeee pm me ur discord we can chat
  8. Nice vid been forever since we pked tell dj to tell his mother hello from me I’ve missed her dearly it’s lee btw
  9. Ags gmaul in single automatically clicked off
  10. Very proud of this memey “persona” you have there
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