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  1. zite

    Master Clue Guide

    Nice guide. Will definitely help a lot of people. I like the required item list in particular.
  2. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    If I recall correctly, it's slightly south of the mining icon or around it, don't wander too far from those 2 trees. Look at the clue map, it will help you. It's definitely there. Good luck.
  3. Literally EVERY single update in this post is amazing. Gretar is killing it.
  4. thought 48-48 (96) is max?
  5. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Updated more questions.
  6. What are pvp daily tasks? PVP daily task is a quick way for pkers to make money while having a blast completing new tasks each day! Tasks will have a range of difficulty and can be completed throughout the entire wilderness. All tasks are player-vs-player related. How does it work? Talk to NPC at home or ::Daily to bring up daily task interface. Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master tasks. Tasks automatically reset every 24 hours (server time). You'll get 5 random tasks each day (every 24hr). Sample tasks Easy - PK 5 ppl at home as lvl 126 or pure with a dds/claws/ags/etc, bring 1K PKP. Medium - PK 5 ppl as lvl 126/pure @specific locations, bring 1K PKP . Hard - PK 10 ppl without overhead/amulet @specific locations. Elite - PK 10 ppl in dharok's at edge. Master - PK 10 players as a hybrid/tribrid, bring 5K PKP. PK 10 ppl at ::chins/::hills/annakarl/50s/44s/etc, risk at least 1-5K. Participate in 3/5/10 ::LMS Open keys at Deadman Chest You can be creative and assign any combination of tasks. Location of tasks? Everywhere - single/multi areas. ::chins/::hill/annakarl/50s/44s/rss/etc. Rewards? Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite/Master "PK MBOX" (prices TBA). Achievement diary. Daily/weekly scoreboard. Benefits? People always complain about running out of stuff to do, this will help promote pk activity. Serves as an extra way for pkers to make money. Incentives = increased activity. You can assign tasks to different portion of the wilderness to increase activity in those areas, e.g. single locations. I am very confident this will make pk even more robust and enjoyable for everyone! Feel free to leave feedback or suggestions if you'd like this idea implemented. @Gretar @Fantastic @JBLIND @Smackd
  7. Understanding and not understanding anything QWERTYUIOP1 says.
  8. zite


    Ping is heavily dependent on your location relative to the host server, so despite having decent ISP and speed, your ping may still be high. Also, sometimes weird lag spikes occur which I assume happened in your case. It's not normal to have a ping that high no matter where you're from.
  9. Agreed. May not be an urgent update, but should definitely be considered to improve the quality of wilderness. @Gretar
  10. In game name? Zite Pronouns? I support the LGTBQQ community Favorite RoatPkz activity? Chucking my bank then regretting it afterwards
  11. Support - for risk zone only show player's risk next to their name. No support - anywhere else in wilderness. Cba having an extra option when right clicking a player's name, especially during big wars.
  12. I don't see how this is related to roatpkz. That is his personal business outside of this game.
  13. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    South of ::graves - I have updated the guide to include your picture and credited you. Thank you.
  14. Excellent accomplishment. Grats! @Gretar completionist max cape?
  15. Agreed. 1-ip restriction inside donator zone.
  16. It's called the fucking wilderness, not a PVM safe haven. If everyone is allowed to pvm safely inside the wilderness, the game would promote "PVMING behavior" and this server would not be pk oriented. Many RSPS faces the problem of dead pk because of unlimited amount of lazy ass pvm/skilling shit. Roat has a really good solution by putting majority of pvm/skilling with extra incentives inside the wilderness to promote PK. Don't stray from the fundamentals despite all these topics by people without foresight nor insight.
  17. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Try "Skilling Master" - he's the guy at ::Skill. Let me know if it works and I'll add it to the guide.
  18. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    North of ::home by the skele mining area
  19. Fire Max Cape - from killing Jad once Infernal Max Cape - Attach Infernal Cape onto Max Cape Max Cape - 1K kills requirement I can somewhat empathize since they have similar names which may have led to confusion.
  20. zite

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Try 1.5K/2K. Confirm pls.
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