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  1. In the same way you attested to maintaining the servers chaotic feel by not acting to punish those who use racial slurs, you maintain the servers chaotic feel by not banning duel arena scammers. The approach taken to this issue by the server admin team seems to be one that prioritizes freedom of the players. In this sense the server feels like its being run by players and not by staff, which lends an enjoyable environment despite the more often than not use of racial slurs.
  2. Look at this boy with his ego, 'I havent been called random since 2015'. Imagine your worth is dependent on not being a random on an rsps. Poor boy go sleep before you hurt yourself
  3. Lol bro who are you ? This boy felt threatened from my comment he went to check my profile. Relax random boy, 3 comments and its probably your brother mother and sister on the forum
  4. Who is this little paki boy? He thinks he's funny, go to bed please boy
  5. Who are these mongoloid nerds ? I will easily kill them 1by1,
  6. Bro this guy just wants server support he's making this useless thread. Back to killing revs, and spamming "pm me if you need help" when all you give are one-word answers, even a noob knows more about the game than you do
  7. Bro who even are you ? Whats the point of this thread ? You think anyone knows you or you're relevant to anyone that we care if you're back ?
  8. poor kid commenting random unfunny shit for clout, gtfo rat
  9. Imagine spending 50k on gear that vanishes after a week of game play when the you're getting out dpsed for an hour straight by dudes in 1k pkp bandos gear. The difference is so negligible with vestas, its really dog shit. You buff vestas, effectively reducing the population of corp pvmers in bandos, which then reduces the corp kill count and in turn reduces shield drop rates. We know shields are op, so this will help balance economy and game play. Revs drop vestas, lower the drop rate on those, they're dropping like candy. This'll make vesta a little more expensive but at-least there's an actual purpose in buying it. Since shields will be dropping less, the prices for shields will increase, balancing out the price increase for vestas that would come with the buff and reduction in drop rate in rev caves . Honestly, after reaching 50% degrade status on my first vestas set, I can affirm I'm not buying this trash gear again. This isn't a one time experience where im getting out dpsed, it is consistent. We all know bandos corp killers arent disadvantaged significantly with their 1k pkp gear compared to 50k pkp gear. Figured it out, its a reasonable change to implement, just figure the other factors. Its not that hard, its needed.
  10. This is called the ignore button.
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