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  1. pking has evolved on roatpkz back in the days triple eating on specs was rare now every1 seems to just triple eats on specs. roatpkz the no pid game if your good/smart u will know u can pretty much be unkillable if u know what ur doing. so limit anglers from healing above 99
  2. there 800k now? wtf who tf got moneys like that laying around for a cape thats untradable
  3. TANK

    Small Client Fix

    how many cm wide and hight should roatpkz client be? coz i swear mine got bigger when i changed computer
  4. possibly both, i live in australia so get 330ish ping and server host is also trash
  5. wanted to get alot more kills and make a rly sick vid tho my motivation to play this game due to lagg and hills being dead have played a part in that. only started recording again about a month ago so ye enjoy
  6. im always lagging but the lagg has just gota unplayable at this point for the past month or 2 iv been playing similar lagg to this can anyone help me? im using a msi gl63 8rcs laptop https://streamable.com/b864k5
  7. pg closes the server merge? pg is literally the whole server merged l0l0l0l
  8. eww u have some rly sick thoughts bro im kinda worried for. i work a full time job how would i be able to play 20 hours a day retard l0l0l once again im kinda lost who are u talking to? seems like you have the wrong conversation
  9. get yoobs's cock out of ur mouth
  10. And who are u his boyfriend?
  11. l00l0l man said his out here chilling with all his friends cba.......btw who the fuck r u even talking none of the things u are saying are relevant to out convo, im kinda confused are u talking to me or someone else? guys writing a fucking paragraph reponds get a life u geek ll0l0l0l
  12. Listen here u Down syndrome fuck I know u enjoy typing useless shit on forums with ur fat fingers but how about u go outside for once u little faggot if u want to talk we can go on voice call u stupid victim know ur place
  13. Wait l0l0l ur one of those kids I kill all the time trying to skill on a pk server ahaha,wow 8 years and ur still shit btw never heard of you
  14. asking another guy to suck your dick yeh... u a faggot ahahah.u dont know what ur talking about stupid 4ner do something
  15. more of a competition that fighting u 5-0 on u and 1-1 on him shut your stupid mouth faggot i didnt ask for your opinion,since i got a new laptop roatpkz has been taking screen shots like that.did i kill u for max is that why ur upset ?
  16. first i wana say this kid is fucking shit ye i died to him made 1 mistake it happens look how i pk most of the time https://i.gyazo.com/1f9460947d6087c26f3edbe8b56d537e.mp4 after about 30 chances multiple ags specs on 50-60hp off pry kid finals dies. got an ego when he prys melee every 2 seconds and still dies fuck out my wildy dog ur forever on my hit list, making a topic on me trying to chase clout fuck is you thinking https://gyazo.com/1881a1c156710d1c100cd1b2ee19fb77 https://gyazo.com/f9bd2b892fba8adef7700f70e57cead2 i dont even pure nh had to chase him around in every style coz he trys his hardest to avoid shout outs to ratgang we dominating this game pm2spy
  17. u might wana edit that again ur still not making sense
  18. coz im an idiot for pking when im lagging. i already have 350ping and on top of that i get some other fps lagg which is cancer therefor my melee pry took 2 seconds to register and i didnt see him coming untill it was to late as i miss frames
  19. calling some1 an ahker who dosnt ahk is a pretty big compliment thx
  20. that was me typing some1 come half tes he will die in cc then u bolt me 50 something and d bow as i was typing but i kinda feel special people make topics on me its like such a big achievement to kill me
  21. show me 1 gif specing me on 50hp off pry, keep donating sets to me tho 5-0 and counting ur lucky i cant acces all my kps since its on my other computer but i could pull up about 5 max sets u donated me keep me on blacklist tho victim its not even that i was stupid enough to play when i get this cancer ass lagg and die or get chanced to shit kids, i cant even get mad at it because theres nothing i can do about it. watching people like hamza,jag,jblind pk its like there playing a diffrent game than me 0 delay whatsoever.but fuck it what im i gona do move country just for a game
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