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  1. pking has evolved on roatpkz back in the days triple eating on specs was rare now every1 seems to just triple eats on specs. roatpkz the no pid game if your good/smart u will know u can pretty much be unkillable if u know what ur doing.

    so limit anglers from healing above 99

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  2. idk why u guys ignoring my last post but i wont let it get ignored i will expose

    When reporting a player on RoatPkz, please post using the following format:

    Name of the Rule Breaker:
    Rule Broken:
    In-game or Forums:
    Private Report (Y/N):

    Here's an example of a correct report:

    - Name of the Rule Breaker: tyler/dab mi/winter/many other alts
    - Rule Broken: doxing
    In-game or Forums: tyler/dab mi/winter
    - Date: 13/06/2020
    - Screenshot/Video:
    - Private: public https://gyazo.com/e5ceccffdaa78bad03ab97267ca4b045 https://gyazo.com/da964c24cb8358e11e36094fec5f4621

  3. On 8/20/2020 at 11:15 PM, trihard456 said:

    Is it your internet or the server host? Because the server host has been trash for awhile for me. Cba playing with 150+ ping all the time

    possibly both, i live in australia so get 330ish ping and server host is also trash

  4. On 5/30/2020 at 5:35 AM, Coughfish said:

    Was a friend of "yoobs" but heads up i guess? :l , Why you assume always peoples sexuality? You're that insecrue over yourself? I'm not gay , never will but thanks? Mayb ask your dad how to find your sexuality after he fucks you in the ass 2deep you think everyone who hits you with Words is gay :/ Nice life btw how long do you play per day again 20hours?

    eww u have some rly sick thoughts bro im kinda worried for. i work a full time job how would i be able to play 20 hours a day retard l0l0l

    On 5/30/2020 at 4:32 PM, Yoobs da king said:

    Then get ur dick away from me retard cus I aint that Yoobs faggot, retard changed my name to this fucking inbred. No one with a ounce of a functional brain left would ever like a dog shit swine like himself.

    once again im kinda lost who are u talking to? seems like you have the wrong conversation

  5. 2 hours ago, Coughfish said:

    Doesn't matter who who is? Lol stop acting like you are known in the world?... Get your Wood outa your ass you're a nobody in game as irl.
    And to your "excuse"


    then you said 


    You merk something? Digging your own grave. At first you bring "voice" On the board then when @Yoobs da king Brings it up you say "U are saying things that are not rlevant to this convo" 

    Keep digging your own grave :l You're probs a bellend irl as in games if people hit you with personal information you will Say "This is not relevant for our conversation so wym".

    get yoobs's cock out of ur mouth

  6. 5 hours ago, Coughfish said:

    You simply got manhandeled tbh.. You're nothing more then a guy playing a game and bragging over your bank/kdr/ks W.e you do but you're a useless whale :l Nothing more then a Cloud IN the air 

    And who are u his boyfriend?

  7. 4 hours ago, Yoobs da king said:

    Weird this would be the 9th time you acted big then I hopped in vc and you never showed up I even offered to walk my camera outside for you and ur bois and we all woulda gone on a walk.

    Accuse me of replying with useless shit but look whos tweaking, look whos making replies that take 2 seconds to make because your so fucking heated and you you've been fucked multiple times now because you said you probably killed me which you have not and I have almost 10,000 deaths so the fact you aint killed me yet further proves your irrelevant 

    So PLEASE keep replying I beg of you I need something fun to do at 9PM you out here stressing meanwhile im chillin with all my friends wheres ur friends? Clan owner doesn't count shitter you won his 200k giveaway don't make you his friend retard your just his tool to get payments from Gretar for maintaining a clan on roatpkz.


    And you quote my reply every fucking time because your so damn insecure you need the person your shit talking to return because if they don't your ego just assumes you won some pissing contest on a forum no one even uses in 2020 lol fix up you fucking moron

    l00l0l man said his out here chilling with all his friends cba.......btw who the fuck r u even talking none of the things u are saying are relevant to out convo, im kinda confused are u talking to me or someone else? guys writing a fucking paragraph reponds get a life u geek ll0l0l0l

  8. 2 hours ago, Yoobs da king said:

    ? "Safe I Run" is my username please post 1 screen shot of my killpic, I never skilled in wilderness so guess your paranoia be kicking in and everyone around you is an FBI Nigger coming after ur corn flakes


    Don't reply unless you have a killpic of me you fucking swine

    Retard is such a fan of Lynch he had to make his forums account this year just to flame him. Something tells me your not all there pal?

    Listen here u Down syndrome fuck I know u enjoy typing useless shit on forums with ur fat fingers but how about u go outside for once u little faggot if u want to talk we can go on voice call u stupid victim know ur place 

  9. 22 minutes ago, Yoobs da king said:

    1 problem, being here 8+ yrs I still don't know who you are? Keep acting like a fucking inbred you worthless shit stick

    Wait l0l0l ur one of those kids I kill all the time trying to skill on a pk server ahaha,wow 8 years and ur still shit btw never heard of you 

  10. On 5/26/2020 at 3:07 AM, Yoobs da king said:

    Never owned a max set in my life now I know for a fact your mentally handicapped and your ego makes you think erratically you need to get back on your meds retard. No automatic rpkz pics are taken like that it does not work like that, I spent 49 hours trying to fuck up the auto screen shot for shits and giggles but can not be done. So stop acting retarded next time you say my name it's either to suck my dick or giving me grapes for breakfast fucking swine

    asking another guy to suck your dick yeh... u a faggot ahahah.u dont know what ur talking about stupid 4ner do something

  11. On 5/24/2020 at 5:49 PM, Tesfxye said:

    This is your Competition now ahking is detected 😬😬😬😬

    more of a competition that fighting u 5-0 on u and 1-1 on him :P

    10 hours ago, Yoobs da king said:

    Imagine lacking so much self confidence your paki ass cant post a full client screen shot 

    Only thing you could be hiding is either

    A. When RPKZ takes the kill pic it would show your ahk clicking on all items at once and they woulda been greyed out a bit to resemble you clicking them and this would have been a self ban thread 


    B. You were shaking like a queer eating a hotdog and were launching everything in your fucking inventory left, right, down and up simply trying to tab after you ADHD kicked in after specing

    shut your stupid mouth faggot i didnt ask for your opinion,since i got a new laptop roatpkz has been taking screen shots like that.did i kill u for max is that why ur upset ?

  12. first i wana say this kid is fucking shit ye i died to him made 1 mistake it happens look how i pk most of the time  https://i.gyazo.com/1f9460947d6087c26f3edbe8b56d537e.mp4

    after about 30 chances multiple ags specs on 50-60hp off pry kid finals dies. got an ego when he prys melee every 2 seconds and still dies fuck out my wildy dog ur forever on my hit list, making a topic on me trying to chase clout fuck is you thinking https://gyazo.com/1881a1c156710d1c100cd1b2ee19fb77


    i dont even pure nh had to chase him around in every style coz he trys his hardest to avoid

    shout outs to ratgang we dominating this game pm2spy

    Lynchmobb420 ((May 24, 2020) - (15-33-26)).png

  13. 22 minutes ago, Wtf Safer said:

    The real question is how did you die to the slowest switch ever

    coz im an idiot for pking when im lagging. i already have 350ping and on top of that i get some other fps lagg which is cancer therefor my melee pry took 2 seconds to register and i didnt see him coming untill it was to late as i miss frames

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