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  1. Introduction Let us start by saying why we need a complete overhaul of the donator zone and what benefits would it bring. The current donator zone is completely useless for anyone who is not in a clan because it is a multi area and is literally impossible to tank from, lets say legendary donator area to a safe area, as it always locked down by big clans or teams, therefore, making pvming there obsolete. Secondly i would like to bring attention to the fact that the higher tier of donator rank you are, the more disadvantaged you are in the dungeon because you have to tank much longer distances. Furthermore, wilderness, especially for a pking server is a relatively small place considering there are 450 players at peak times and there isn't that many consistent activities to do in the wilderness. Opening up the donator zone dungeon to more people would spread the population around the map. Benefits: reduction in toxicity, better flow of the economy because of drops, boost in morale of the community and most importantly - money for the server, because more people would be buying higher tiers of donator tickets. Solutions 1. The solutions to this big problem are actually quite simple and one has recently been implemented into Oldschool Runescape - Singles+ zone. For anyone not familiar with the concept, singles+ is an area in the wilderness where only one player/npc can attack you at a time however, other players can still tag you off from monsters, bringing balance to still being a dangerous area and an attractive prospect for pvmers and skillers alike. 2. The solution to the higher tier donator ranks being more disadvantaged than lesser donators is also really simple and I am baffled by how it wasn't implemented like this from the beginning - simply flip the donator dungeon upside down and add a tunnel near the entrances to specific donator zones. That way, the legendary donators will be prioritized and will have the shortest distance to run to the safe zone. If my suggested concept is not clear, you can see a broad sketch showcased in the picture. (excuse my editing skills, I did this in Paint...) Conclusion Donation system is an essential part of any private server and one of the most important part of our donation system has been neglected for far too long. For everyone's sake, including yours @gretar, please overhaul the donator dungeon already. Thoughts?
  2. Nice update and event however, i have noticed that, at least when thieving from the big egg, the rate at which you get the eggs does not increase with your level. Don't know about woodcutting and mining though. Cheers.
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